With a full day of talks, panels and workshops, the UITS23 allows you to expand your knowledge and learn from the experts in your industry.


After the success of the tech job fair last year, in 2023, you have the opportunity to be a candidate for 20+ diversity-oriented companies!



The people are at the core of every Unicorns in Tech event: you’ll get to know new friends, colleagues and maybe even your future employer!

The whole spectrum of the LGBTIQ+ family and its allies are invited. Get your free ticket and join us in celebrating diversity in tech!


With a full day of talks, panels and workshops, the UITS23 allows you to expand your knowledge and learn from the experts in your industry.


After the success of the tech job fair last year, in 2023, you have the opportunity to be a candidate for 20+ diversity-oriented companies!



The people are at the core of every Unicorns in Tech event: you’ll get to know new friends, colleagues and maybe even your future employer!

The whole spectrum of the LGBTIQ+ family and its allies are invited. Get your free ticket and join us in celebrating diversity in tech!


A special thanks to the IHK Berlin for hosting us 🫶

IHK Berlin

At IHK Berlin, we strive to promote Berlin as a place to do business. We provide the city’s enterprises with a diverse range of products and services.

🦄 Read about our LGBTIQ+ practices over on our page Bunter ist besser.

📌 Berlin

🌐 Digitization, IT Infrastructure, IT Architecture, IT Support, System Integration, Application Development, Project Management

💼 Jobs Available


Belden is a global leader in high quality, end-to-end signal transmission solutions and deliver a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the mission-critical network infrastructure needs of industrial, enterprise and broadcast markets. With innovative solutions targeted at reliable and secure transmission of rapidly growing amounts of data, audio and video needed for today’s applications, Belden is at the center of the global transformation to a connected world.


  • Diversity, equity and inclusion strategy (workplace assessment, comprehensive workplace policy reviews, employee training and LGBTIQ+-focused recruiting)
  • DEI ambassador program to ensure a safe workplace environment across Belden locations globally
  • Formation of employee resource groups to foster internal networking
  • Pride month celebration

📌 Berlin – Frankfurt – Stuttgart

🌐 Industrial Automation, Telecommunication, Smart Buildings, Data Solutions, Cybersecurity

💼 Jobs Available


Bonial is a pioneering company dedicated to revolutionizing the way consumers engage with retail promotions and created a dynamic digital platform that connects shoppers with the latest deals and offers from local retailers. Beyond our commitment to innovation, we take immense pride in fostering a remarkable workplace culture. Our employees enjoy flexible working hours and a hybrid model, blending remote and in-office work. We prioritize well-being by providing an on-site gym, USC, and mental health benefits, and our inclusive environment promotes strong support among colleagues. Complementing this, we provide free lunches and cultivate a spirit of kindness and collaboration. At Bonial, we’re not only shaping the future of retail engagement but also fostering a nurturing and vibrant community that empowers both our team and our users.

🦄 We are part of the Queerseite ERG, regularly participate in pride marches, have all gender toilets, have an internal DEI sounding board, offer and encourage our colleagues to take unconscious bias trainings (mandatory for team leads), and promote the use of inclusive language.

📌 Berlin – Paris

🌐 Digital marketing platform, including data analysis, user experience design, digital marketing, and retail insights

💼 Jobs Available


Contentful helps digital teams assemble content and deliver experiences, faster. Our open and flexible content platform adapts to how digital builders work to meet business goals through easy customization and deep integration with any tech stack. Digital teams can reuse and automate content across devices and channels, so they can worry less about content maintenance and more about their customers. With offices in hubs including Berlin, San Francisco and Denver, and a global team distributed across every time zone, we help thousands of businesses across the spectrum of digital maturity to move fast and meet customer demands. Contentful supports IKEA, Vodafone, Electronic Arts and over 30% of the Fortune 500 to deliver market-leading digital experiences at scale through every stage of the customer journey.


  • Protection against LGBT+ discrimination in the Code of Conduct or similar.
  • Sanctions in cases of discrimination against LGBTIQ+
  • No gender-specific dress codes
  • Participation in queer public events (CSD/pride/queer street festivals/etc.)
  • Gender-inclusive language in official internal communications
  • Use of new first names possible before official change of personal status (for door signs, email addresses, etc.)
  • Confidential support in the coming-out process
  • Personnel development measures explicitly for LGBTIQ+ employees
  • Measures to reduce prejudices and fears towards HIV-positive employees
  • Measures to strengthen LGBTIQ+ health
  • Program for allies, eg, an ambassador program or other measures to promote allyship (allies are supporters of the LGBTIQ+ community)
  • Commitment by business partners to LGBTIQ+ protections in their code of conduct (eg, in a supplier code of conduct)
  • Gender-neutral restrooms

📌  Berlin – London – Dublin – Amsterdam – Denver – San Francisco

🌐 SaaS – Content Management

💼 Jobs Available

Delivery Hero

As the world’s leading local delivery platform, our mission is to deliver an amazing experience, fast, easy, and to your door. We operate in over 70+ countries worldwide, powered by tech but driven by people. As one of Europe’s largest tech platforms, we enable ambitious talent to deliver solutions that create impact within our ecosystem. We move fast, take action and adapt. No matter where you’re from or what you believe in, we build, we deliver, we lead. We are Delivery Hero.


  • Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board
  • HeroCommunities ERG (Employee resource groups) – Proud Heroes & Inclusion Champions
  • D&I Survey
  • Inclusive Workplace Design – gender-neutral restrooms
  • Signed the UN Standards of Conduct for Business on Tackling Discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, & Intersex People as well as the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. declaration
  • Joined the Partnership for Global LGBTQI+ Equality
  • Participation in queer public and community events
  • Trainings – Unconscious Bias, Inclusive Language

📌 Berlin

🌐 Technology, Information and Internet

💼 Jobs Available

Deutsche Bahn

With over 338,000 employees in 130 countries, Deutsche Bahn is one of the world’s largest providers of mobility and logistics services. Diversity strengthens our ability to innovate when recruiting staff and brings us closer to and more trusting of our customers. Together with our employees, we develop innovative projects to efficiently manage infrastructure and modes of transport for people and goods by rail, road, water and air.

🦄 DB is one of the largest employers in Germany and one of the most diverse – with employees from four generations and over 100 cultural backgrounds. Diversity strengthens our ability to innovate when recruiting staff and brings us closer to and more trusting of our customers. When we talk about diversity at Deutsche Bahn, we include all facets of diversity. Seven core dimensions have been defined for this purpose: Gender, age, physical and mental health, sexual orientation, religion, social origin and ethnic origin.

What is railbow?
In close cooperation with the divisions and under the umbrella of the group initiative “Einziganders.”, railbow is committed to diversity within the group. Employees should be able to fully contribute their competence and skills regardless of their sexual identity and orientation. In this way, we actively support the current Group strategy “Strong Rail”, in which diversity is firmly anchored.

This is only possible with a lot of support and a corresponding recognition from the managers as a network within the company levels. Employees and managers can become members and receive news on the regional regulars’ tables and social networks as well as on our homepage.

📌 Deutschlandweit

🌐 Mobility and Logistics Services

💼 Jobs Available

DKB Code Factory

At DKB Code Factory we are on an amazing journey to influence the next level banking. For many years Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) has been one of the most successful direct banks in the German speaking regions. As a corporate Innovation-Hub and subsidary we make sure it stays like this. Our teams are currently re-inventing the entire product portfolio: from our front door to web-banking, from mobile banking to brokerage and from internal banking tools to third party solutions.

🦄 We are a place for those with fresh ideas and playful minds. Ready to experiment, and: ready to challenge our corporate world. We give space for those eager to make mistakes, to grow, and to succeed. We are here to celebrate this success, hand in hand: Our work, our possibilities, our diversity, ourselves – with gratitude and humbleness. Inviting everybody in, we are here to truly be with each other, welcoming different backgrounds and perspectives. While caring and having each others backs, we are on the journey to forge next level banking with you. No matter where you come from, we are for those who are ready to arrive. We are a place to stay yourself.

❤️ We signed the German Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt) to support an unbiased working environment. We get support from the association and their network to improve our diversity management.

🧡 Diversity follows several dimensions: age, ethnic origin & nationality, gender, physical & mental ability, religion & worldview, sexual orientation and social background.

💛 DKB group also has a diversity survey in which we take part to check how we are doing and measure our progress. Our diversity strategy is on its way, too!

💚 It doesn’t matter how you look & what you wear. May it be piercings & tattoos, different hair styles, heels or barefoot, skirts or dresses or pants, colours or not. What matters: you!

💙 Gender identity: you choose how we should address you.

💜 Let’s Explore! In our regular remote sessions, we educate ourselves about several aspects of diversity and get a better understanding.

🤎 We’re evaluating our LGBT*-friendly progress with UHLALA group’s pride audit every 2 years. we were part of UiT Summit 2022, UiT Hackathon 2023 and this year we are first time partner of the unicorns in tech for a year!

🤍 and more

📌 Berlin

🌐 Fin Tech

💼 Jobs Available


At envelio, we are proud to have been named as one of the hundred most innovative clean technology companies in the world. And we want to achieve even more with our shared vision of driving forward the energy transition with the help of our highly innovative product. Our web application platform supports grid operators to digitalize and automate their processes. More than 100 employees are already on board and working passionately on smart solutions for our power grids. Each one of them contributes to the further development of our Intelligent Grid Platform – combining our core competence in the tech sector with in-depth expertise in all areas of the company. Whether fully remote or hybrid – we attach great importance to close and trusting cooperation across all levels. At envelio, every opinion counts and we rely on respectful and appreciative interaction.

🦄 Disclaimer: We are here to learn!

As a scale-up, we are just at the very beginning of developing a DEIB strategy and corresponding policies. To be honest: This is why we participate at the UITS23. We are curious to talk to members of the community! We are prepared to be challenged as an organization. We are willing to learn, even if it gets uncomfortable. Which policies would you love to see? Which ones make the difference?

We invite you to come to our booth, in order to exchange with our colleagues from Software Development, Product Development, and People & Organization.

  • Unconscious bias training for interviewers in the recruiting process
  • Come as you are (no dress code)
  • Participation in CSD
  • Regularly 1:1 meetings with your team lead offering the room to talk about struggles and how you feel
  • Gender-inclusive language internally & externally
  • People & Culture meeting every two months with changing topics – including DEIB topics

📌 Cologne / remote from Germany

🌐 Software Engineering, DevOps/SRE, Product Management

💼 Jobs Available


GitLab is the most comprehensive AI-powered DevSecOps platform for software innovation. GitLab enables organizations to increase developer productivity, improve operational efficiency, reduce security and compliance risk, and accelerate digital transformation. More than 30 million registered users and more than 50% of the Fortune 100 trust GitLab to ship better, more secure software faster.


  • Pride TMRG/ ERG with 200+ Team Members
  • Inclusive Health Care Benefits & Providers
  • Listening Sessions with Executive Leadership
  • DIB Speaker Series with prominent LGBTQIA+ Individuals such as Zach Barack and Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

📌 Remote (Global)

🌐 DevSecOps

💼 Jobs Available


Kleinanzeigen is the leading online classifieds market in Germany. An average of more than 50 million ads are available in numerous categories – from children’s supplies to electronics to real estate. With more than 36 million users per month, Kleinanzeigen has the widest reach of all online selling platforms in the country. Most of the items traded on Kleinanzeigen are second-hand. In this way, users make an active contribution to sustainability. The Kleinanzeigen market allows companies the opportunity to easily offer their services online. Kleinanzeigen was launched in September 2009 as eBay Kleinanzeigen. Since June 2021, the company has been part of Adevinta, a leading global provider of online classified ads. In May 2023, the name was changed to Kleinanzeigen.
Join our team and bring the joy of sustainable trade to everyone.


We commit to being a purpose-driven and inclusive work- and marketplace for everyone by creating a work environment where everyone feels like they belong and are valued for their difference, and by bringing an inclusive lens to everything we do. Part of our activities driven bei our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) department are our Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy and our Global Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying Policy.

While the DEI department’s responsibility is to foster company-wide changes and engage with stakeholders at a corporate level, our Adevinta4Everyone (A4E) grass-root movement works as an advocacy group that supports such changes but also acts independently. Further communities like our LGBTQIA+ are aiming of providing a space for colleagues and allies to connect and share their experiences. They ran a series of events including meetups and a Pride events.

📌 Berlin

🌐 Digital Marketplace

💼 Jobs Available


MBition – Pioneering Automotive Software Luxury for the next generation of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
As a 100% subsidiary of the Mercedes-Benz Group AG, MBition was founded to design, develop and deliver the next-generation of automotive software, as well as connected car services – enabled by a fast, agile and precise way-of-working within the international Mercedes-Benz software development network.


  • MBition prides itself as an equal opportunity employer. This value is not just talked about, but lived in our daily lives.
  • This year alone, multiple diversity and inclusion workshops and trainings were offered to our MBitioneers which were attended by many
  • Both our internal values, as well as external communication regularly highlight our standpoint and commitment to diversity and our support of the LGBTIQ+ Community
  • Also, there are internal groups and communities offering support and guidance to our LGBTQIA+ colleagues

📌 Berlin – Sofia

🌐 Mercedes-Benz Automotive Software

💼 Jobs Available


mobile.de is Germany’s largest vehicle marketplace with about 1.2 million listed cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Including listing exports to the sister platform Kleinanzeigen, mobile.de reaches about 21.42 million unique users per month (AGOF digital facts, mobile.de and Kleinanzeigen vehicle category, Ø Month May to October 2022). Both private customers and more than 42,000 registered vehicle dealers use the platform. As a “one-stop shop,” mobile.de offers not only buying and selling services but also financing and leasing solutions, among others. The company, founded in 1996, is a subsidiary of Adevinta, a globally leading provider of online classifieds portals. If you are driven by an eagerness to learn and passion for collaboration then we should get to know each other.


We commit to being a purpose-driven and inclusive work- and marketplace for everyone by creating a work environment where everyone feels like they belong and are valued for their difference, and by bringing an inclusive lens to everything we do. Part of our activities driven bei our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) department are our Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy and our Global Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying Policy.

While the DEI department’s responsibility is to foster company-wide changes and engage with stakeholders at a corporate level, our Adevinta4Everyone (A4E) grass-root movement works as an advocacy group that supports such changes but also acts independently. Further communities like our LGBTQIA+ are aiming of providing a space for colleagues and allies to connect and share their experiences. They ran a series of events including meetups and a Pride events.

📌 Berlin

🌐 Digital Marketplace

💼 Jobs Available


At Novanta, our innovations power technology products that are transforming healthcare and advanced manufacturing—improving productivity, enhancing people’s lives and redefining what’s possible. We create for our global customers engineered components and sub-systems that deliver extreme precision and performance for a range of mission-critical applications—from minimally invasive surgery to robotics to 3D metal printing.


  • Pride Affinity Group
  • Global Unconscious Bias Training
  • Participation in the Pride Event
  • Celebrating June Pride Month
  • Panel Discussions with Novanta colleagues from the LGBTQ+ community

📌 Berlin – Wackersdorf – Ludwigsstadt

🌐 Medical Devices

💼 Jobs Available


On was born in the Swiss Alps with one goal: to revolutionise the sensation of running. Eleven years after market launch, On delivers industry-disrupting innovation in premium footwear, apparel, and accessories for high-performance running, outdoor, and all-day activities. Fuelled by customer recommendation, On’s award-winning CloudTec® innovation, purposeful design, and groundbreaking strides in sportswear’s circular economy have attracted a fast-growing global fan base — inspiring humans to explore, discover and dream on.

🦄 At On we take time to celebrate the progress we’ve made, both as an organisation and as individuals – but we also know that the work is never done. Transparency remains key for continued growth and accountability.

  • We want everyone in the Oniverse to feel comfortable being their authentic selves. Therefore we have dedicated communities, Employee Resource groups and safe and open feedback processes to help drive this. Our Inclusion Groups are a key part of our growing D&I strategy
  • We’re partnering with carefully selected organisations that are doing meaningful work in their respective segments and communities. For example, we have partnered with the Stonewall Institute as a Global Diversity Champion
  • All our offices have Gender Neutral WC’s
  • Our Code of Conduct includes gender identity and sexual orientation as protected
  • Additionally, our parental leave benefits aren’t gendered, but focus on birthing parent and non-birthing parent and includes adoption
  • We include pronouns on Workday and Slack

Feel free to read more about D&I at On here

📌 Berlin

🌐 Software Engineering, Data, Product Management, DevOps/SRE, QA

💼 Jobs Available

Romeo built by Erasys

Founded in 2001 ROMEO is a social & dating platform for over 3.2 million gay, bi and trans people worldwide. From our office in Berlin, Erasys takes care of technical operation and software development, enabling millions of people to connect on our platform every day.

We are 50 colorful people from over 15 countries, working in Berlin and Amsterdam. Many of us are queer ourselves and proud to connect people all over the world with our cutting edge technology and exciting features.

🦄We believe in creating a great work environment by supporting the cultural, ethnic, and sexual diversity of our workplace. Diversity is what keeps our culture going and evolving. We are defined by our unique culture, people. People building a platform for people. We answer to our users and ourselves, not to shareholders.

LGBTIQ+ friendly policies:
We have only one policy: Be yourself. You are welcome at Erasys.

📌 Berlin

🌐 Software development & platform services

💼 Jobs Available



Scout24 is home of ImmoScout24, Germany’s #1 for real estate. With ImmoScout24 we have been revolutionizing the real estate market in Germany and Austria for more than 20 years. Our goal is to build a digital ecosystem that brings homeowners, seekers, and agents together. Finding the right home and property is one of the most important decisions in life. So is your career! #WorkingatScout24 means being part of a diverse and inclusive team of 850 colleagues and 53 nationalities. We embrace differences and celebrate individuality. By encouraging open-mindedness and authenticity we enable a true learning culture and prepare the ground for personal development. Mistakes are a chance to grow and innovate. Together we act proactively, strive for improvement, and take responsibility. We talk about success and challenge while treating each other with respect because we are #oneteam.


  • LGBTQIA+ Community @Scout24
  • Gendering and use of pronouns
  • Diversity Week

📌 Berlin – Munich – Hamburg – Cologne – Vienna

🌐 Information Technology – Proptech

💼 Jobs Available


Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation. We are over 11,500 people strong across 50 offices in 18 countries. Over the last 30+ years, we’ve delivered extraordinary impact together with our clients by helping them solve complex business problems with technology as the differentiator.


  • Free choice of pronouns or option “no pronouns “
  • Additional choice of first name, if different from the name in the identification document
  • Voluntary choice not to specify the title (Mr. / Mrs.) specification of the third gender entry (diverse), omission of a gender entry and / or self-determined gender entry
  • Exclusively gender-neutral formulations and / or employment contract in English
  • Free choice between salutation as a woman, as a man or waiver of a salutation
  • Option to include self-determined first names in addition to the name listed in identification documents in the employment contract/visist cards/ salutation/internal communication
  • No dress codes
  • Gender neutral toilets
  • More info here

Affinity Groups such as Queerworks
Interning with pride
Celebrating the resilience and contributions of the LGBTQIA+ community in Pride 2023

📌 Berlin – Cologne – Hamburg – Munich – Stuttgart

🌐 IT Consulting

💼 Jobs Available


Upvest enables businesses to build great investment experiences, tailored to their customers’ needs. Our single investment API and digital infrastructure – along with our modular design – make it easy and cost-effective to offer customised investment products. It’s all backed by our comprehensive support, covering everything from licences and vendor management to back- and middle office.

At our core, we live and breath our four values:

  • Learn and grow
    We aim high to shape our future. We give and request honest feedback knowing that we develop together.
  • Progression & Perfection Team first
    We make it easy for others. We value our differences and are open to others’ opinions. We win and celebrate together!
  • Team & Egos
    Own the outcome. Whether we win or we lose, we stand together. We are proactive and get the job done. Outcome & Process
  • Tell the story
    We always start with the why. We share knowledge to empower others. Transparency & Complexity

🦄 Equal Opportunity Employer: Upvest is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

📌 Berlin – Tallin or Remote

🌐 Financial Services (Investment API)

💼 Jobs Available



🇬🇧 How to thrive as a (queer) Software Engineer

As software engineers we often concentrate exclusively on improving our technical skills. Job interviews focus often on data structures, algorithms, and system design. However, on the job we are expected to excel in a different kind on skills. Technical skills are certainly important, but communication, leadership, and business skills are necessary as well.

In this talk we’ll look at a classical y-shaped career path for software engineers and at the expectations for each level, we’ll explain management best practices like 1-1s and performance reviews, and how they can support diversity

Giacomo d'Antonio (he/him)

Lead Software Engineer | Synera  

I’m a nerd turned manager. After studying Computer Science and Mathematics in Italy, I came to Germany as a PhD Student 13 years ago and I’m still here.
I worked many years as a full stack developer for engineering software, doing different things from cloud and web development, to 3d visualization, scientific computing, and machine learning. In the last three years I’ve been a Lead Software Engineer, managing a small development team.
I value mentorship and leadership over old-school management. Leadership is for me much more than just management. It’s about creating the space for the people around us to grow, showing them direction and assisting them in their journey. It’s also about open communication, listening and establishing a good feedback culture. A team that is inspired and united can accomplish much more than the sum of its members!

I advocate for diversity on the workplace by being open and visible as a queer man, and taking initiative to create an inclusive environment and support underrepresented individuals within the engineering community.

LinkedIn 🔗

10:30 - Rainbow Road Stage

#techtalk #softwareengineering

🇩🇪 Die Kraft der Netzwerke und wie alle Beteiligten davon profitieren

Digitalisierung & Co. verändern die gesamte Welt, und somit auch die Art und Weise, wie wir zusammenarbeiten. Unternehmen müssen umdenken: flache Hierarchien, schnelle Entscheidungswege und interdisziplinäres Arbeiten werden immer wichtiger, um sich den Veränderungen anpassen zu können. Abteilungs- sowie unternehmensübergreifendes Arbeiten und Netzwerkskills werden immer wichtiger.

Dieser Vortrag soll aufzeigen, wie sowohl Mitarbeitende als auch Unternehmen davon profitieren, wenn Netzwerke gefördert werden und Teil der Unternehmenskultur werden.

Simone Dogu (she/her)

Agility Master (Fahrzeugsinstandhaltungs-IT) | DB Systel →

Bereits seit ihrer Kindheit von der Digitalisierung und ihren Möglichkeiten fasziniert ist Simone Dogu nun seit vielen Jahren als Agility Master und IT Consultant in diesem dynamischen Umfeld unterwegs.

Um ihr Wissen weiterzugeben engagiert sie ich im Bereich Nachwuchskräfte und bringt sich in verschiedenen Initiativen zu Diversity und Frauennetzwerken ein. Zudem lehrt sie zudem an verschiedenen Hochschulen und engagiert sich ehrenamtlich in Vereinen und Verbänden auf Bundesebene.

LinkedIn 🔗

10:30 - Byte Plaza Stage

#careertalk #networking

🇬🇧 Crypto UX: What's Different and What's The Same

In this talk, I am planning to give an overview of what the state of UX in the cryptocurrency industry is. I plan to highlight the ways that crypto UX is different from what a layperson is used to, and in what ways the same guiding principles apply to this area as well. I will present some current major issues, bringing in examples of what interfaces and user journeys might look like. I will specifically use the Nielsen Norman Group’s 10 heuristics to demonstrate what kinds of problems one might encounter when dealing with crypto UX.

In addition, I plan to talk a bit about the active crypto users from the perspective of a researcher. Over the last few years, I have had the privilege to interview many and I will present the pattern that I have observed. I will also make connections to other, similar groups of users that might exhibit similar qualities.

Finally, I will talk a bit about the specific challenges one might face as a person working in a UX role in the crypto industry, focusing mostly on my experience.

Kristina Mayman (they/them)

Senior UX Researcher | Safe

I have been working in the crypto industry since 2018, specifically focusing on the user experience aspect for the majority of that time. I initially became interested in the UX of cities while pursuing a degree in social and cultural analysis of urban environments. During my studies, I also was actively engaged in peer education, working in the LGBTQ Student Center. I have facilitated numerous trainings on queer issues and terminology for students and staff and even hosted a few fun events such as a panel called “Guess the Straight Person”.

After getting my degree, I explored a few different professional directions, from human rights law and translation to television sound production and film festivals. Eventually I have transitioned to my current work, which is doing user experience research in a cryptocurrency startup, specifically focusing on a wallet application. I primarily conduct qualitative studies, and my strengths lie in usability testing and discovery interviews, but I consider myself to be a full-stack UX Researcher.

I am entirely self-taught, learning all of my skills on the job, some from books, courses and articles, and some from other researchers in the industry, Slack communities and the good old trial and error.

LinkedIn 🔗

11:00 - Rainbow Road Stage

#techtalk #crypto #ux

🇩🇪 Gemeinwohl in der Datenökonomie: Konzepte & Beispiele

Was bedeutet Gemeinwohl für Dich? Wofür wollen wir Daten nutzen, wofür nicht? Menschen haben unterschiedliche Konzepte davon, was Gemeinwohl für sie bedeutet. Die Frage, welchen Zwecken das Erheben, Nutzen und Schützen von Daten dient, ist umstritten. In diesem Talk diskutiere ich unterschiedliche Gemeinwohldefinitionen und wende diese auf Beispiele an, welche insb. auch für unsere Community relevant sind.

David Schönwerth (he/him)

Bereichsleiter Data Economy | Bitkom e.V.

David Schönwerth ist Bereichsleiter Data Economy beim Digitalverband Bitkom und beschäftigt sich auf deutscher und europäischer Ebene mit Datenpolitik, Datenräumen sowie Datentechnologien. Dabei geht es oft um Datenverfügbarkeit und Datennutzung innerhalb und zwischen Organisationen sowie im internationalen Kontext. Er hat einen Hintergrund in Wirtschaftsinformatik (Stuttgart, Hohenheim) und Public Policy (Paris).

LinkedIn 🔗

11:00 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #data

🇬🇧 Being Unapologetically Queer is a Superpower

In this talk, we will explore what it’s like to be visibly Queer in tech/start-up spaces – where being a cis white male is the norm.

We’ll discuss the difficulties of being, quite often, the only Queer, female-presenting person in a space; where people don’t know how to talk to you or what to say; and how having hidden differences also “others” you.

Katrin Rasenberger (she/her)

Key Account Manager | Denmark | On Europe AG →

Hey there! I’m Kati, a 34-year-old who’s originally from Berlin but recently made the exciting move to Copenhagen in April 2023 to take over a new role as Key Account Manager for On.

I have been with On since 4 years and started as a Sales Rep in Germany. I’m actively engaged in promoting diversity and inclusion at On, which is why I participate on the D&I Board.

LinkedIn 🔗

Tiffany Giff (she/they)

Key Account Services Representative – UK PAD | On Europe AG →

Hey! I’m Tiff. I’m 36 years old and originally from London. I’ve been in Berlin for around 3 years now and have been been part of the Oniverse for 1.5 years.

My role at On includes supporting our UK Key Accounts. Since 2022 I’ve also been part of the D&I Board and have worked closely with Kati regarding work and environment topics.

LinkedIn 🔗

11:30 - Rainbow Road Stage

#careertalk #diversity

🇩🇪 Das KI-Medienhaus der Zukunft

Die Backstory hinter dem ersten, mit künstlicher Intelligenz erstellten Magazin und den Implikationen für die Medienbranche.

Julian Wiehl (he/him)

CEO | Vangardist Media GmbH

Julian Wiehl ist CEO der Vangardist Agency und des Vangardist Magazins. Das Magazin wurde 2015 für seine HIV+ Print Ausgabe bekannt. 2018 rief er den Future Ball ins Leben, einem Event für Innovation, Kunst und Technologie und Showcase für junge Kreative und Künstler:innen.

Dieses Jahr veröffentlichte Vangardist das weltweit erste Magazin das mit künstlicher Intelligenz erstellt wurde. Seit dem ist die Vangardist Media auch für seine Fokus auf AI bekannt.

LinkedIn 🔗

11:30 - Byte Plaza Stage

#tech #AI #media

🇬🇧 Create and grow diverse Engineering teams

This talk is my take on creating and growing diverse Engineering teams. But why is diversity, enhanced representation and inclusion so important? I believe that enhanced representation not only helps to create better products and build business-critical skills but enables us to deliver amazing solutions to our customers. So how would you build a diverse team? How do we make sure that our team truly accepts that our strength lies in our differences and not in our similarities?

In my talk I will share my experiences in building and leading diverse Engineering teams – the good, the bad and the ugly. Because being in a diverse team comes with its own challenges but it’s worth it to work through and grow along the way.

Jenny Warnke (she/her)

Director of Engineering | Delivery Hero

Jenny Warnke is currently Director Engineering Manager and Engineering Tribe Lead at DeliveryHero. Her tribe provides a Central Wallet ecosystem for Delivery Hero’s platforms and regions.

Before joining Delivery Hero, she worked at Blacklane as Head of Engineering on the customer facing side of their global chauffeur service. Prior to that she worked as a Senior Software Engineer at PayPal on their global invoicing, installment and loan products.

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12:00 - Rainbow Road Stage

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🇩🇪 Unicorns - wir verteidigen die Dinosaurier im Cyberspace 🦄 🛡🦖

Was sind Operationelle Technologien – OT? Warum müssen wir sie jetzt für die Zukunft sichern? Warum kann Vielfalt hier der Schlüssel zum Erfolg sein?

OT sind überall, aber man sieht sie kaum, viele Dinge unseres täglichen Lebens würden ohne sie nicht funktionieren. Kein Strom in der Wohnung, kein Essen im Kühlschrank. Ja, nicht einmal einen Kühlschrank gäbe es ohne OT.

Doch Sicherheit war in diesem Bereich lange Zeit kein Thema, was zu einem großen Bedarf an Cybersicherheitsexperten geführt hat. Dabei sind vielfältige Kompetenzen gefragt. Dies wird ein interaktiver Talk mit viel Raum für Fragen sein.

Florian Herder (he/him)

Cybersecurity Consultant

Hallo, ich bin Florian, lebe und arbeite in Berlin und bin 32 Jahre alt. Mein Weg hierher war alles andere als geradlinig.

Von einer Ausbildung zum Elektroniker, über Weiterbildungen in der Automatisierungs- und Prozessindustrie, einer beratenden Tätigkeit in einem Startup im Bereich Elektromobilität, zum staatlich geprüften Techniker, hin zur IT-Administration und später zur IT/OT Security.

Auf diesem Weg habe ich viele Menschen kennengelernt und viel über Diversity gelernt.

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12:00 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #operationaltechnology

🇬🇧 Empowering Voices, Combating Violence – A Solution to the Issue of Violence Against LGBTIQ+ People

The prototype of PEER+ is a transformative solution that empowers LGBTIQ+ individuals and their allies to combat violence and discrimination. By leveraging technology, community engagement, and knowledge sharing, PEER+ provides a platform for support, real-time assistance, and advocacy. Through its inclusive features and commitment to promoting self-awareness, PEER+ fosters a safer and more inclusive society where the voices of LGBTIQ+ individuals are heard, respected, and protected. Together, we can create a world free from violence and discrimination, where everyone can live authentically and with dignity.

The initial mockup of PEER+ was developed by a team of six individuals during UITHACK23 — The LGBTIQ+ Hackathon. Their efforts were rewarded as PEER+ emerged as the winning project, recognizing the team’s ingenuity and the potential impact of the app. This accomplishment highlights the power of collective creativity and the positive outcomes that can be achieved when diverse minds come together to tackle important social issues.

Alexandru-Daniel Țanțu (he/him)

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst | Seven Senders GmbH  

Combining his expertise in economics and data analysis with a passionate commitment to advocacy for diversity, inclusivity, and equal human rights, Alex is dedicated to fostering positive change in our society through technology, art, and innovative community initiatives.

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Valeria Barsukov (she/her)

Junior Web Developer | Freeyou AG  

From studying fashion management, to working in fashion, to completing a bootcamp, Valeria is a typical new-generation developer who likes to think about problems in a creative way and approaches problem thinking from a different perspective.

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12:30 - Rainbow Road Stage

#techtalk #LGBTIQ+

🇩🇪 Queere Praxis in UX

User Experience im breitesten Sinne – im Kontext von Design, Research oder Strategie- wird definiert als die Erfahrung und Interaktion von Usern mit digitalen Produkten. Wie können queere Menschen in UX ihre eigenen Erfahrungen und Perspektiven in ihre Arbeit mit einbringen, ohne in die Falle der Identitätspolitik zu fallen? Wie kann unser Queer-Sein dazu beitragen, dass wir emphatischer sind mit Usern? Welche Praktiken oder Maßnahmen können queeren Menschen helfen, sich im Arbeitskontext sicher zu fühlen, sie selbst zu sein? Dieser Vortrag strebt an Organisationen zu inspirieren, Queere Praktiken und Erfahrungen im Arbeitsalltag zu inkludieren. 

Nici Wertecki (they/them)

UX Designer and Researcher | Freelance

I am a queer trans non-binary UX designer and researcher and recently started working as a freelancer. I began my journey in UX after having worked in academia for three years where I researched intersexuality in sports. The experience of researching in Sociology, Sport Science and Gender Studies gave me the ability to apply critical thinking and system theory to other parts of life that interested me- design and everything digital. I was able to switch careers to UX and after having worked in consulting and tech, I am now a freelance UX designer and researcher who is focussing on creating accessible and inclusive products.

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12:30 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #ux

🇬🇧 Understanding Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in Tech

This talk will give you a solid understanding of the current landscape of DIB in the tech world, how GitLab is tackling DIB, how you can tackle DIB in your organisations and ultimately what success can look like.

We will cover:

  • DIB data in Tech
  • How to move the data in the right direction
  • Programs that can make a difference
  • What success looks like

Liam McNally (he/him)

Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | GitLab 

Liam has worked in the People realm for over 10 years working across the whole spectrum of People, Talent & Culture. Over the last 3 years liam has had a core focus on Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging but this has always been a part of his role professionally but also personally as someone who intersects across many identities.

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13:00 - Rainbow Road Stage

#careertalk #diversity

🇩🇪 Erfolgreiche Data Teams aufbauen und skalieren

Mit dem Wachstum eines Unternehmens wachsen auch die Anforderungen an das Data Team. Dieser Vortrag beleuchtet, wie sich die Schwerpunkte und die Zusammensetzung der Daten Teams im Laufe der Zeit entwickelt. Wenn Sie bereits Teil eines Data Teams sind, einen Job suchen oder einfach nur neugierig sind, dann gibt dieser Vortrag einen runden Überblick über die Herausforderungen, die auf Sie warten.

Olivia Höwing (she/her)

Data Analyst | Project A Ventures

I am a Data Analyst with Project A Ventures where I work closely with our portfolio companies to build and scale their data infrastructure and analytics. Previously, I worked at Wayfair as a Business Analyst where I could build my analytics skill set. I hold a Bachelor of Science from Bayes Business School in London and a Master in Management and Digital Business from IE Business School in Madrid.

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13:00 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #data

🇬🇧 How to incorporate user feedback into UI/UX design – From “Customer Days” to “User Insights”

Within the UI/UX Team at MBition, a Mercedes-Benz subsidiary, we have a strong focus on research – next to concepts and prototyping. We want to provide deep and meaningful insights about our users and enable Mercedes-Benz teams to build their products based on facts in every stage of the development.

In this talk, you will learn more about the techniques and methodologies, that we apply to uncover valuable user insights.

Like the customer day: A qualitative method to understand why users think, feel, or act a certain way. This UX method is structured to have users rotate between various stations. Imagine it as a speed-dating format, but without dating and with less speed. 😉

Join this talk to learn more about this and other UI/UX design concepts and how they contribute to the Mercedes-Benz software!

Matthias Grotzke (he/him)

Expert UI/UX Designer| MBition (a Mercedes-Benz Subsidiary) 

Matthias is an Expert UI/UX Designer at MBition, a 100% Mercedes-Benz subsidiary, with a great interest in automotive and sustainable product solutions.

His mission is to prove the power of design. So, he focuses on great user experience, intuitive interfaces, and smart mobility solutions of digital products.

Next to supporting great product teams, he’s aiming to embed design culture within the organisation. His ambition is to support and establish a trusted UI/UX design team, that has the right mindset, process, and tools in place.

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13:30 - Rainbow Road Stage

#techtalk #uxdesign

PANEL: Error 426: Solidarity Upgrade Required

Our panel will bring together four distinct speakers from different communities in tech for a conversation around the topic of Intersectionality and the adjacent focuses of Allyship and Solidarity.

Our panel will help the audience understand “Intersectionality” and how each panelist embodies an intersection. With diverse vantage points, our panelists will paint a picture of how intersectional individuals can navigate the tech space and uniquely add value.

As the panelists breathe context into intersectionality, the discussion will flow into defining and redefining “Allyship”. What does allyship look like granted a decline in DEI focus, programming, and funding? Budget cuts and layoffs have driven diverse tech talent out of tech or made them feel alienated. A greater focus on “Community” has risen as a natural response.

How can we look at the power of our communities, converge our respective power and act together as allies to combat common challenges? Our end goal is to arrive at “Solidarity” and understand why this term is critical to the future of our communities. 

MODERATOR: Marcus McDowell (He / Him)

Marketing & Community| BlackInTech Berlin → 

Marcus McDowell is an accomplished digital strategist, marketing specialist, and devoted advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). He is a passionately ambitious advocate, partaking in challenging social innovation projects and collaborating with change-focused organizations. He boasts a strong track record of catalyzing and leading DEI initiatives within large institutions. He has sparked curriculum reform, catalyzed LGBTQ+ nation-wide inclusion campaigns, and won global DEI consulting competitions.

He serves on the advisory board and marketing committee for Dress For Success, a leading global nonprofit that empowers women to achieve economic independence. His clients range from Mrs. Universe 2022 (Singapore) to the foremost European non-profit addressing opportunity and accessibility gaps in tech for People of Color. He aims to aid those who are under-resourced and underestimated in navigating unfamiliar landscapes.

With a distinct multi-disciplinary background and voracious curiosity, he seeks to impact the world through sustainable, inclusive intersections of technology, design, and business.

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PANELLIST: Rita Kerbaj (she/her)

Co-founder & CCO | Torg → 

Rita is a co-founder of Torg – a B2B SaaS platform simplifying sourcing for the food and beverage industry. She has spent the last nine years as a tech entrepreneur in West Africa the Middle East, and most recently in Berlin, working primarily in the e-commerce and foodtech space. As a queer Arab woman with an educational background in Politics, Rita is an avid advocate for diversity and inclusion and the role of tech in enabling both.

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PANELLIST: Lucie Le Naour (any pronouns)

Co-founder | Yourequal

With a background in linguistics and translation, Lucie entered the Berlin tech scene in 2014, first as a machine translation language specialist, quickly switching over to technical writing, and eventually content design. From working in small start-ups to big tech corporations such as eBay and GitHub, Lucie has seen it all and has a lot to say about working in tech as a queer, neurodivergent and genderfluid person of color.

As a co-founder at Yourequal since 2021, Lucie works on building an intersectional employer-rating platform specifically designed to serve the needs of employees with marginalized identities.

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PANELLIST: Marcela Mogilska (She / Her)

Managing Director | Girls in Tech Germany

Marcela Mogilska is the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Germany. Marcela holds a Master’s degree in International Business and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, specializing in Business Development and Strategic Partnerships.

She worked for software and hardware companies in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Mexico, and all over the Asia Pacific, leading international expansion efforts and establishing global distribution channels. Working predominantly in male-dominated industries, and witnessing first-hand what it means to be the only woman in the room, she started Girls in Tech in 2021.

Since then, she has been actively involved in promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech sector and is a strong advocate for empowering women in technology.

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PANELLIST: Ndimofor Aretas (He / Him)

Web Development Educator & Fullstack MERN Developer | Digital Career Institute (DCI) Germany → 

Ndimofor Aretas is an accomplished STEM Educator with more than a decade of experience as an IT Trainer, and fullstack web developer. He is driven by a fervent commitment to empowering individuals to comprehend and maximize the potential of computers and coding.

He currently works in a full time role as a German web development facilitator at the Digital Career Institute (DCI) Germany and is an active member of the Black in Tech Berlin (BTB) community.

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14:00 - Rainbow Road Stage

#panel #intersectionality

🇬🇧 Beyond traditional marketing: Incorporating Intersectionality for Growth

My talk will dive deep into how including social systems like queerness and sexual orientation, as well as gender and even political status can inform marketers to create personas and messaging strategies that are more engaging. We are living in a transformational time in advertising, where user data will no longer be able to be bought at scales we’ve seen in the past. Advertisers will have to do more than just buy demographic data- they’ll have to start making good ads again!

Advertising campaigns should be relevant, engaging, and dare I say… even exciting. In a world where screens are constantly placed in front of us, this is a tall order! The key to unlocking engagement is by fully understanding the intricacies of your audience, and to create a message that resonates. This is only possible by speaking to the individual as if they’re not inventory. Social systems and anthropological information will have to be used to avoid "the same old ads.

This talk explores a new way of zooming in deeply to create highly personalized advertising aimed at Human Centricity and creating value for humans, from advertiser to audience, person to person.

Simon Burkhardt (he/him)

(Digital) Growth Consultant | Simon Burkhardt Growth Consulting (SBGC)

I’m a (Digital) Growth Consultant with 6 years of growth hacking experience in Berlin. I work to create, find, and replicate successful business models by bringing together the right voices, and bridging gaps with automation, process optimization and Human Centricity.

Human Centricity is the concept of involving the human condition in everything I do. It means giving nothing but my most authentic self to my partners and clients. I believe that this is the best path forward for Growth Marketing. This also informs typically automated, cold processes with humanistic features through social systems like gender, orientation, education level, political influence, and more. When marketing is informed by the processes that make us human, we can work together to create better products and messaging strategies that actually create value for customers and audiences. I am a firm believer of marketing WITH people and not AT people. This process is always backed by data obsession and experimentation.

I have practiced this theory and brought growth to companies like Urban Sports Club and Adjust. I believe that companies big and small can benefit from looking at the bigger picture first. I have long been committed to amplifying queer and minority voices, as I truly believe these individuals offer a unique strength and value to teams.

Personally, I am a lover of sports, a dog dad, and dumpling destroyer. You’ll often find me hiking in the hills or with my nose deep in a good book.

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14:00 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #marketing

🇬🇧 Product Inclusivity: How to bring Accessibility & Inclusion at the core of product development

In the world of product development, there’s an increasing, yet often unaddressed, need to put accessibility and inclusion at the forefront.

This isn’t just a box-ticking exercise to comply with laws—it’s a vital business strategy that paves the way for genuine user engagement across diverse demographics. Let’s discuss how to influence product strategies as product managers, engineers, or designers to bring inclusivity to the core of our work without diluting your core business objectives.

So, if you’re looking to pivot your product development towards a more inclusive future, or to push your company in this direction, this is a talk you won’t want to miss.

Damien Senger (they/them)

Senior Group Product Manager, Product Experience & Inclusivity | Just Eat Takeaway.com 

Hej there! I’m a French queer product leader using they/them pronouns, with a passion for creating inclusive, accessible, and high-quality experiences across B2C, B2B, and B2B2C environments. My heart lies somewhere between Amsterdam, Oslo, Rotterdam, and Strasbourg, and I currently call Berlin home. As a Senior Group Product Manager at Just Eat Takeaway.com, I lead a team of talented product managers in transforming our product suite into a more modern and inclusive experience for our customers, partners, and employees.

My unique background in urbanism, linguistics, and politics has shaped my values and provided me with a strong foundation for driving change and impact. I also believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment and have a strong desire to drive a positive impact through strategic planning and bold decision-making on Product Inclusivity, Product Innovation, and Product Experience.

Let’s connect and chat about how we can work together to make the world more inclusive, accessible, and innovative. 🌟

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14:30 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #product

🇬🇧 Harnessing the Power of Materialised Views in Cosmos DB

As we navigate the digital age the shift away from the traditional database structures has transformed the way how we approach development. Technology has evolved to serve our needs more efficiently providing us with wider functionality and bigger computing abilities.

In this session, Olena will walk you through the fundamental concepts of the globally distributed, multi-model database and its transformative impact on how we approach the challenges of modern business. We will explore key features such as scalability, flexibility, and the novel ‘Materialized Views’ feature that enhances query performance. Using real-life examples, we will investigate different scenarios of processing the data to serve variable use cases.

Join Olena for this enlightening and demo-rich session where she will demonstrate the innovative features of Azure Cosmos DB in combination with other Azure services. We will explore the challenges and benefits of moving away from traditional database approaches, highlighting the power of data denormalization in web-scale systems.

Olena Borzenko-Turianska (she/her)

IT Consultant | Xpirit Germany 

Olena working as a consultant with the main focus on building .Net Cloud Applications.

She is passionate about event-driven architecture, clean code, and modern cloud-based application development. She has previously worked in a service company based in Ukraine and took part in the creation of various products from small startups, B2B applications, to enterprise platforms.

As Microsoft MVP for Azure, Olena is contributing to the community by sharing her gained knowledge at international conferences, user groups, and community meetups as a speaker.

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15:00 - Rainbow Road Stage

#techtalk #product

🇬🇧 How we became Quouch - Queer Couchsurfing

I’d be giving a brief introduction about who we are and how we became Quouch. I’d then zoom out into the bigger picture, talking about what it’s like to start a queer tech company. Why is it different, what tips do we have for founders and what are our learnings?

There is a lot of emotional “buzz” about starting up – take care who your co-founders are, because you will be spending more time with them than with your partners/closest people. 9/10 startups fail, etc. This “buzz ” does not contribute at all, instead, it keeps you from simply starting and doing cool things. I would like to demystify some of those phrases – at least from my perspective.

Another important point will be to address the challenges queer people face when travelling. In this context, I’ll be explaining why a queer couchsurfing platform is badly needed and what we do to keep our members safer.

Nora Von Breitenbach (she/her)

Founder, CEO| Quouch 

Nora has been a creative and entrepreneurial person throughout her life. After finishing High School, she lived three years in South America and developed an improvisational theatre team building program for companies in Sao Paulo. Later, she completed a degree in Cognitive Science, did a coding bootcamp and worked on her ongoing label and music performer personality “Herr Nora” (herrnora.com).

The idea for Quouch popped up through several own rather bad Couchsurfing experiences and then she thought: The idea is SO good, why not try to do the same but for queer people and women only? Now, Quouch is live with more than 3000 users around the world in more than 70 countries, with people using it every day to travel safer amongst each other.

If you have been working towards a goal and then with time it becomes real, this is one of the best feelings you can imagine – despite the ups and downs.

Nora and her team are currently crowdfunidng for Quoch, check out their campaign here. 

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15:00 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #product

🇬🇧 Owning a Purposeful “No”: How to Achieve Success in Tech

Ever feel like you are stagnating at work because you are overwhelmed but don’t know how to get out of this cycle?

Learn how owning and using a respectful and purposeful “no” can help you overcome stagnation and become more effective in your role.

Adeola Ogunwole (she/her)

Founder  | AO Consulting →

Adeola Ogunwole is a global commercial leader, former founder, musician and math nerd obsessed with answering “what”, “why” and “how” through data-driven narratives rooted in consumer insights.

In her current role as Founder at AO Consulting, Adeola provides growth and go-to-market strategy consulting for companies such as Zalando, African Leadership University and Channel Advisor.

Adeola previously held leadership roles at sennder, HERE Technologies, Hult International Business School, Apollo Education, UBS Investment Bank, Quinstreet, and General Mills. She received an MBA from Harvard Business School and her BA from Washington University in St. Louis. Additionally, she was a unicorn at the North Carolina School of Science and Math well before Tech stole its meaning.

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15:30 - Rainbow Road Stage

#careertalk #startingintech

🇬🇧 5 ways to level up your accessibility game

Over 90% of the worlds top one million websites aren’t fully accessible, which directly and indirectly impacts up to 1 billion people with dissabilities across the world. It is not only our social responsibility to build accessible software, but caring about accessibility also results in business value. Two of the main blockers for more accessible products are lack of awareness and lack of knowledge.

This talk will inspire you and provide you with a fundamental understanding around accessibility and why it is relevant. It will provide you with five steps which you can incorporate in your personal sensible defaults and apply in your team. This will enable you to develop accessible products with very little additional effort. Let’s break down the barriers today!

3 key takeaways:

  • Why should I care about accessibility?
  • What do I have to keep in mind when I want to make my product accessible?
  • How can I start building accessible products?

Andreas Klumpp (he/him)

Senior Consultant Developer | Thoughtworks 

Andreas is a dedicated fullstack software developer at Thoughtworks, with a background in business informatics. His expertise lies in frontend and product development, where he aims at creating inclusive and accessible experiences. Beyond his technical expertise, Andreas is deeply engaged in and committed to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) topics.

He is passionate about building inclusive and accessible software, and he actively advocates for bringing this perspective into agile delivery teams. With a keen eye for user needs and a commitment to fostering diversity, Andreas strives to make a positive impact in the world of software development.

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15:30 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #accessibility

🇬🇧 Why elected politics needs more techies like you.

Tech has upset political life tremendously in recent years – whether it’s the impact dubious data harvesting and machine-learning has had on the democratic process, right up to the revelation that [unnamed tech billionaire] interfered directly with the success of Ukrainian efforts in the war. If that wasn’t enough, parliaments across the world are filled with people ill-equipped to respond to both the great opportunities and the huge existential threats that cutting-edge developments can achieve.

Chris was a software developer at the age of 23 when he was elected in the UK and is now standing for the European Parliament next year. He’s here to tell you why politics needs you more than ever, especially if you’ve ever said “politics isn’t for me”.

Chris Ward (he/him)

Engineering Manager| Babbel

Chris started coding life as a full-stack developer and moved between all sorts of weird and wonderful disciplines and industries before he settled on Android, and now leads a mobile team at Babbel.

In addition to coding life, he’s been an elected official in the UK, had a key role in legalising same-sex marriage in the UK through his LobbyALord app, and has addressed the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on atrocities against LGBT+ people abroad. Diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADHD, he taglines himself as Very Mentally Ill(TM) and writes/speaks about his experience of being diagnosed very late in life and how he deals with the unique challenges ADHD brings to an individual working in tech.

In 2023, Chris got a tad annoyed at the state of the world and decided to do politics properly again. Much to his surprise, he was selected as the lead candidate of the social-liberal party Liberale Demokraten for the European elections in 2024. Only 4000 signatures and 0;7% of the vote (and his Stupid Mental Health[TM]) stands between him and becoming a member of the European Parliament next year.

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16:00 - Rainbow Road Stage

#techtalk #politics

🇬🇧 Negotiating for success: how tech and strategy can help overcome negotiation biases

Race and gender create big biases in negotiations which have long put historically marginalized groups at a disadvantage. Through both strategic negotiation and tech, there are opportunities to overcome these biases.

At a time when a lot of SaaS products (including Torg) are centered around B2B contract negotiations and tendering, tech has an increasingly important role in minimizing biases and evening out the negotiating playing field.

Rita Kerbaj (she/her)

Co-founder & CCO | Torg 

Rita is a co-founder of Torg – a B2B SaaS platform simplifying sourcing for the food and beverage industry. She has spent the last nine years as a tech entrepreneur in West Africa the Middle East, and most recently in Berlin, working primarily in the e-commerce and foodtech space.

As a queer Arab woman with an educational background in Politics, Rita is an avid advocate for diversity and inclusion and the role of tech in enabling both.

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16:00 - Byte Plaza Stage

#techtalk #negotiation 

🇬🇧 Between Convenience & Consequence: Navigating the Ethics of Quick Wins

In the past year, rapid advancements in AI and the allure of gamification have reshaped our tech landscape, with both sectors promising enticing quick wins.

However, as we eagerly ‘jump on the bandwagon’, we must pause to consider the inherent biases and ethical challenges they bring.

This talk will unpack the intersections between AI and gamification, and their use on designing engaging experiences, and emphasize the importance of ethical discussions and understanding the impact our design decisions are having.

Melinda Jacobs (she/her)

Chief Product Officer | Mindstone →

Melinda Jacobs is a product expert, gamification specialist, and N7 paragon with over 12 years of experience. She’s a geeky nerd who found a way to combine her love of games and her fascination with people’s behavior into an award-winning expertise.

As Mindstone’s Chief Product Officer, she’s on a mission to help people unlock opportunities by showcasing their learning from everyday content.

Previously, she was the founder of the digital experience agency Subatomic, and helped organizations develop interactive experiences that change behaviour through play, games, and gamification. She routinely gives talks around the world on playful design, behavioral science, and technology ethics.

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16:30 - Rainbow Road Stage

#techtalk #ethics

🇬🇧 Embracing Diversity in Remote Teams: Unconscious Bias, Microaggressions and Allyship

Diversity is an important topic in today’s team management. It’s strongly coupled with inclusion and a sense of belonging. Belonging is the feeling of being seen and heard and to have an effect on the team and culture. Remote team management is especially vulnerable to all forms of unconscious bias and semi-hidden aspects like microaggressions.

In this talk we’ll explore how to identify and counteract unconscious bias and microaggressions. We also talk about allies and how they can help. It’s all about trust and openness.

Dr. Sasha Göbbels (she/her)

Engineering Manager | Overleaf

With a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry Sasha never worked as chemist but went straight into software development. After writing software for telco providers, airports and federal german police she fell for web development.

First as an individual contributor, then as a tech/team lead and engineering manager because she discovered that working with people is even more awesome than working with tech alone.

On her way she also co-founded two companies and currently is working as an engineering manager at Overleaf. But still she couldn’t let go of writing software. Sasha is openly an non-binary trans femme.

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16:30 - Byte Plaza Stage

#careertalk #diversity


There is a maximum of 20 spots available for each workshop – it’s first come, first serve – so get in line (in true Berlin fashion) at least 5 minutes before each workshop!

Selma Hadzic

How to surf the technical interview

10:30 – Level Up Oasis

Whether your objective is to land a first job or to transition to a technical role with a slightly different skill set, you are likely to get through the technical interview. However unpleasant this idea may be, there are ways to prepare and boost yourself in order to nail it. So, are you ready to surf?

👜 Bring a laptop for this workshop

Selma Hadzic

(She / Her)

Senior data manager | Freelance

I worked 10 years in the tech industry as a senior data scientist and manager. I currently work as a freelancer, either as an individual contributor or as an interim leader. Additionally, I am a certified coach and diversity & inclusion consultant, guiding tech companies to close the gender gap.

Britta Cornelißen

Unleash your potential – positive emotions in everyday working life!

12:00 – Level Up Oasis

In my workshop session “Unleash your potential – positive emotions in everyday working life!” you will receive quick intro to positive psychology and why experiencing positive emotions is a driver for success and happiness (not only) at the work place. We will think about how to integrate positive emotions into everyday working life.

I look forward to learning more about what makes you shine!

👜 Bring a pen & paper for this workshop

Britta Cornelißen

(She / Her)

Business Psychologist, Coach, Trainer | COACHINGLAB745

Hey, I am Britta, business psychologist, coach and trainer.
I am expert on diversity, equality, (female) empowerment and positive psychology. With the help of current scientific research I enable individuals, organizations and companies to work on topics such as personal development, self-efficacy and diversity and support them to unfold their potential. I am super empathic, bursting of energy and I love empowering others. I am passionate for diversity, (female) empowerment and positive psychology.

Yasemin Efiloglu

Creating LGBTQAI+ Friendly AI Development & Deployment in the Workplace by looking through the Feminist Lense.

13:30 – Level up Oasis

In this workshop, we discover how the introduction of AI systems in the workplace can align with the principles of intersectional, feminist AI and meet the needs of the LGBTQAI+ community. We focus on collectively identifying challenges and developing initial solutions.


  • Introduction: Workshop objectives and flow.
  • Problem Identification: Explore challenges in LGBTQAI+-friendly AI integration in the workplace.
  • Case Studies: Analyze case examples for better understanding.
  • Feminist AI: Explore how Feminist AI methods promote gender-sensitive approaches.
  • Collaborative Solution Finding: Group work to generate initial LGBTQAI+ friendly AI solution approaches.
  • Idea Presentation: Share the developed solution approaches.
  • Outlook: Discussion on practical implementation.

👜 Bring a laptop for this workshop

Yasemin Efiloglu 

(She / Her)

Digital Strategist & D&I Lead  | tbd.

Hey there! it’s Ya-se-min!

As a Digital Strategist, I help develop products and services for clients in the banking, hospitality, public, health and e-commerce sectors.

As a D&I Lead, I drive Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity. I am the host of the KIDD Podcast, which is a research project on the connection of AI and Diversity.

I also speak publicly on feminist, intersectional and inclusive AI. I am politically active at Volt Europe and fight for Inclusion and Equity in Education, Migration and the Digital Sphere.

Chris Philipps

Scaling Tech Organizations – Skills You Need to Thrive

14:30 – Level Up Oasis

Based on their experience as CTO for 10+ years and assessing more than 500 startups and tech companies in Tech Due Diligence and Health Checks, Chris shares their best practices on the critical skills you need to scale a tech organization, including:

  • Hard and soft skills to succeed in a fast-paced tech environment and become a technical leader
  • The essentials of building a tech organization that delivers results and thrives
  • Important Tech KPIs and Metrics that help you measure performance and success in tech
  • Typical pitfalls and struggles you should know about
  • Steal Chris wisdom

You will walk away from this workshop with hands-on knowledge, tips and tricks that will help you develop your career in tech or maybe even found a startup yourself.

👜 Bring a laptop for this workshop

Chris Philipps

(He/Him – They/Them)

Managing Director | Philipps & Byrne

Chris is the Founder and Managing Partner of Philipps & Byrne, a tech advisory company based in Berlin, Germany, specializing in Tech Due Diligence for Investors and Health Checks for Tech Companies.

Chris has worked as Interim CTO for more than 10 years with many well-known companies, performed more than 500 Tech Due Diligence worldwide, and contributed to various books on Tech & Agile Leadership. As a regular conference and keynote speaker, Chris has delivered valuable insight and fostered fruitful discussions on different stages and panels, such as Sifted, Tech Open Air (TOA) / Google Stage, UNIT Unicorns in Tech Conference, Code Talks, JAX, PHPUG, Meet Magento, Scrum Day, GTAC Google Test Automation Conference, and others.

Chris also is an active business angel and board advisor and identifying as a transgender human being, Chris has supported various LGBTIQ initiatives.

Magdalena Skorupska

Bridging gaps in tech with gamified tech education

15:30 – Level Up Oasis

Job market beauracracy, working in silos, non-diverse tech teams and slow decision making processes. Amongst all those issues a brand new, capable, collaborative force of coders is coming to life. How can we get better at talking to each other? How can an ease of failing change the shape of our future? How can we allow women and LGBTQ+ take over the steers of this fast paced boat before it’s too late?

In this workshop we will try to see where the world is at the moment and what kind of weaponry do each of us have in their hands to bring the change forward.

👜 Bring a laptop for this workshop

Magdalena Skorupska

(She / Her)

Head of Marketing & PR | 42 Berlin

I am a Lawyer by education and Programmatic Marketing Lead by experience of over 10+ years of work all around the world. After working for Marketing Agencies in New Zealand and Poland, I moved deeper into the Mar-Tech world in Berlin to discover many gaps in corporate structures often caused by non-collaborative education environments.

Having discovered and joined 42 unveiled my passion for tech education and building an inspiring environment to support people from different, often challenging backgrounds in finding their way to join the tech job market to create a powerful future.



We have heard your feedback and have implemented what we can to make this year’s summit more accessible and inclusive. Below you will find an essential list of accessibility considerations. Please contact us via the contact form here, if you have any questions. 


Talks will be given using a microphone.

The master of ceremonies will encourage the audience to snap after talks rather than clap.

The first row will be reserved for people who need to lip read, have impaired vision, use wheelchairs and/or have reduced mobility.

Please be advised that the lobby where exhibitors will have their booths is expected to get loud as booths are close to each other, and many conversations will be taking place at once; we suggest tools such as Loop earplugs.


The first row will be reserved for people who need to lip read, have impaired vision, use wheelchairs and/or have reduced mobility.

The entrance is barrier free, and the venue has elevators which give access to all of the program.

The back row of talks will be kept open for those who prefer to stand or move around (quietly) while listening to talks.

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