What is Unicorns in Tech?

As a subgroup of UHLALA Group, Unicorns in Tech is a global LGBTIQ+ tech community that brings together tech talents, companies, and organisations working towards a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. Since its inception in 2014 in Berlin, Germany, our 4000+ member network continues to rapidly expand via a myriad of events all year long and our online platform.

Do you want to contribute to Unicorns in Tech?  

“It’s crucial for us to push for diversity in the IT field. The tech world is not as open as one would imagine and bringing together LGBTIQ+ people and other marginalised communities in this sphere is a concrete step in the right direction.”

Stuart B. Cameron

Founder & CEO, UHLALA Group


Are you wondering how a project like Unicorns in Tech exists and keeps on growing? We work full-time to facilitate our Afterworks, Get-Togethers, Hackathon & Summit. So that our community can keep on growing globally and expanding to other countries.


 Founder & CEO


Project Leader


Community & Event Manager


Project & Event Management Intern [apply]

Marketing & Community Management Intern [apply]

Working Student [apply]


The UHLALA Group is one of the one of the leading LGBTIQ+ social businesses in Germany. Since 2009, we have been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBTIQ+ people in their careers and bringing them together with companies that take a stand for LGBTIQ+ diversity. We pursue this goal with different projects.

In 2013, we have also committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Our project PANDA supports talented women, brings them together and gives them a chance to develop and get in contact with companies. With our many years of expertise, we support employers in the implementation of their LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management through events, speeches and consulting services.

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