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We’re the ideal place for all LGBTIQ+ persons and allies interested in tech, whether you’re an industry professional or a casual enthusiast.


We started as a network of queer people in tech in June 2014, in Berlin. We are now more than 4000 members globally and keep growing every day.


We cultivate a safe space where our community feels supported, empowered and celebrated in all their LGBTIQ+ Techie-ness. From individuals to companies, we fuel folk’s pride in their diversity.

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I’m so grateful to Unicorns in Tech for their hard work in blazing a trail for diversity. This is one of my favourite groups in tech today. Each of their Get-Togethers feels like something between a tech meetup and queer bar: You’ll meet inspiring people to work with who are really into your side project, as much as true friends who’ll keep you out talking until 4am if you let them.


I was a little nervous but as it was close to my flat I gave it a try. That night I met one of my best friends. Over the past years, I grew an interesting friend group through the meetings.


Unicorns in Tech has helped me grow both my personal and professional network. I’ve met people from some of the earlier get-togethers who are still friends today. Unicorns have also given me the opportunity to step up and take a leadership position, first as a Council member and later as a member of the organizing team, both of which helped me raise my professional profile.


The greatest benefit has been having a community available to me. As I’m new to Berlin it is something which can take a long time to create, but with Unicorns in Tech I had one quickly.


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