Get Involved

Unicorns in Tech is an ever-growing community, and we need your help to reach the other talented unicorns out there. There’s plenty of ways to get involved, it all comes down to what you’re up for…

Become an Ambassador

As an ambassador you’ll be organising get togethers for the tech queer community in your city or area. This voluntary position is all about bringing people together and fostering our values of community, acceptance and empowerment.

Become a Volunteer

We are part of a collective of projects under the UHLALA Group brand and our team works hard to deliver these projects. But we always welcoming a helping hand, whether it’s to:

Become a Speaker

Our stage – digital and in-person – is hungry for you to share your expertise and inspire our wonderful audience. Whether you are an LGBTIQ+ person or an ally, we want to hear about the tech subjects that get you as high as a kite. 

Become a Moderator

Similar to speakers, we’re inviting you to own the stage and guide both our audience and our speakers throughout our events. You’re all about keeping people engaged, inspired and on the edges of their seats.

Become a Supporter

– for companies – 

Do you want to host a Unicorns in Tech Get-Together, support LGBTIQ+ in the workplace and hire the best tech talents for your team?
Contact us now and let’s discuss how to best partner together!

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