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A Unicorns in Tech member or company that has contacts with tech queers, LGBTIQ+ friendly media and potential hosts (mostly IT companies) in your city/region*.  You’re eager to work with out team to organise events and even happier to speak in front of large audiences

*Sorry Berliners, since we’re based here, we got the events covered already. All other cities are welcome.


This voluntary* position will require you to organise events in your local city/region. There can be multiple ambassadors per city/region, so you can join forces!  You will have direct contact with the Unicorns in Tech team, which will assist you in planning your events.

*Although this is a voluntary position, an ambassador could be eligible for a small stipend from Unicorns in Tech of 250-500 EUR, depending on their contribution.

When & Where

When local COVID-19 regulations allow, events and get togethers will be able to be in person. For now, let’s stick to good ol’ Zoom.



Fill out the form below and we will contact you in the following 2 weeks for a video interview, so that we can get to know you better.

Existing Chapters


The events in Munich are organized and moderated by André Eckert and Silvia Bormüller.

Join our Munich Facebook Group!


The events in Amsterdam are organized and moderated by Saiganesh Krishnamoorthy and Ruben Salcedo.


The events in London are organized and moderated by Shlomi Wagner.


The events in Medellín are organized and moderated by Andrés Sierra.

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