Teams were formed in a matter of hours and ideas were born. What better way to develop one’s soft skills and make new friends?


UITHACK23 was a fantastic place for folks to meet potential colleagues and mentors, and get a bunch of recommendations to expand their horizons.


As with any Unicorns in Tech gathering, we are here to celebrate diversity in tech. This means welcoming the whole spectrum of the LGBTIQ+ family and its allies with a simple motto: come as you are.

What is UITHACK23?

A hackathon for the community, from the community.

As the LGBTIQ+ Tech Community, our hackathon was geared towards bringing our community together while developing solutions for issues we face.

On the 21-22 April 2023, our unicorns gathered to create a business pitch, a demo of an app or a demo of a website that aimed to prevent violence against LGBTIQ+ people and/or provide support to victims of said violence. 


🥇 1st Place: Peer+

A community-based emergency app to quickly find support around you in case of danger. 

Created by Maya, Alex, Mani, Vincent, Julien & Valeria 👏

🥈 2nd Place: VeriQR

An identity verification app to safely meet LGBTIQ+ folks through dating apps.

Created by Delphine, Anna, Izzy & Yotam 👏

🥉 3rd Place: Gamechanger+

An educative video game aiming to teach non-violent communication and rase awareness over LGBTIQ+ phobic discourse and acts.

Created by Eylül, Bao, Olga, Patricia, Robin, Giacomo & Nguyen  👏

What did participants think?

“UITHACK23 offered me hope and perspective for the near future of our community, and it proved yet again that the queers know best what the queers need. By the end of it, I gathered new skills, confidence, new friends, a sense of belonging, and a reminder of our potential as a collective.”

— Alex

“It was my first hackathon and I was quite nervous tbh, because I am a newbie in the tech world. I felt super welcome and I learned new things! It was also great to be surrounded by like-minded people, made me feel safe and appreciated.”

— Patricia

“It meant for me the very first time being in a safe space where I can pitch my ideas and be surrounded by a community who won’t judge me and can actually understand my problems/ feelings. It means a lot, both on a professional and private level. Please keep going!”

— Anonymous

Special Thanks 🫶

The organisation of UITHACK23 and the winning prizes were generously sponsored by:

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