With a full day of talks, panels and workshops, the Unicorns in Tech Summit offers you a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn from the experts in your industry.


This year we are introducing a tech job fair component to the program! Representatives of over 10 different partners will be at the summit, sharing information on their companies and seeking out talent to join their teams.



The people are at the core of every Unicorns in Tech event: you’ll get to know new friends, colleagues and maybe even your future employer!


The Summit is a celebration of the diversity in tech the whole spectrum of the LGBTIQ+ family and its allies is welcome with a simple motto: come as you are.



The Unicorns in Tech Summit is a unique event taking place on October 14th and celebrating tech, diversity, and being LGBTIQ+ in the workplace.

As a legacy of the Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week, the Summit brings together experts and amateurs, juniors and seniors, recruiters and job seekers, and more!

Grab the opportunity to expand your network in a relaxed atmosphere, learn through talks, panels, workshops, discover new businesses and technologies, and maybe even bag yourself a new job!


METRO Digital GmbH 

We combine more than 60 years of wholesale experience with state of the art tech to help our customers thrive. With other words: We put food on the plate byte by byte! We are

📌 Berlin; București; Brașov; Cluj-Napoca; Düsseldorf; Ho Chi Minh City

🌐 Specialising in the future of food & technology

💼 Jobs Available

DKB Code Factory 

At Code Factory we believe that every big journey starts with a first step. Our destination: creating tomorrow’s banking. Over five million customers have already placed their faith in us. Their wind farms and schools depend on our code.

📌 Berlin

🌐 Forging next level banking. With you.

💼 Jobs Available


Netlight is a genuine consulting firm. We refine the concept of IT-consulting to be about talents who, in cooperation, create valuable results for our clients.

For genuine consultants the clients interest always comes first. Our clients are market leading within their field. Our goal is to deliver independent solutions and tangible results based on our clients’ conditions and business objectives. We accomplish this by focusing on competence, creativity and business sense.

📌 Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Zürich, Amsterdam and Cologne.

🌐 IT Services and IT Consulting

💼 Jobs Available

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is the world’s leading local delivery platform, operating its service in over 70 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. The company started as a food delivery service in 2011 and today runs its own delivery platform on four continents. Additionally, Delivery Hero is pioneering quick commerce, the next generation of e-commerce, aiming to bring groceries and household goods to customers in under one hour and often in 20 to 30 minutes. 

📌 Berlin, Vienna, Istanbul, Linköping, Mumbai

🌐 Leading local delivery company

💼 Jobs Available

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn is an international provider of mobility and logistics services and active in over 130 countries. We design and operate the transport networks of the future. With the integrated operation of transport and infrastructure and the intelligent linking of all modes of transport, we move people and goods – on the rails and roads, by sea and by air.

📌 International

🌐 Transport

💼 Jobs Available

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

PRISMA is Europe’s leading gas capacity management platform, with offices in Brussels and Leipzig. We are an international team working for a common goal: making fair markets happen. We want to be a driving force in establishing a fair, transparent and integrated market that’s truly beneficial for both economy and society. Our success is nurtured by a simple drive: we want to get things done in the best way possible.

📌 Leipzig & Brussels

🌐 Europe’s leading gas capacity trading platform

💼 Jobs Available

Deloitte GmbH

Deloitte provides industry-leading audit and assurance, tax and legal, consulting, financial advisory, and risk advisory services to nearly 90% of the Fortune Global 500® and thousands of private companies. Our more than 345,000 professionals deliver measurable and lasting results that help reinforce public trust in capital markets, enable clients to transform and thrive, and lead the way toward a stronger economy, a more equitable society and a sustainable world.

📌 International

🌐 Business Consulting and Services

💼 Jobs Available

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is an international coding school specialised in immersive bootcamps. Le Wagon teaches people the skills they need to change their lives, kick-start their tech career or launch their own startup. The school offers web development and data science courses in 44 cities in all continents. With a recognised pedagogy and human-centric approach, Le Wagon is the world’s most acclaimed coding bootcamp according to student reviews on Switchup and Coursereport.

📌 Paris, Badung, Barcelone, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Lille, London, Lyon, Marseille, Nice & Singapore 

🌐 Tech Education

💼 Jobs Available



Find the Others – How to Create a Queer Community at Work

Find the others – that is what I tried to do when starting my job at a tech consulting firm three years ago. Being the only queer person in the room or even at work was nothing new to me, however this time I did not want to believe that it was true…
In this talk I will tell you about my journey of starting a thriving LGBTQIA+ community and share my learnings so you can “find the others” and build a safe community that extend beyond your company network.

Jörn Fleger (he/him)

Engagement Manager | NetLight

Jörn is a passionate driver of innovation and diversity in tech. As an Engagement Manager at Netlight Consulting, he brings people and companies together to co-create, evolve and innovate at the forefront of digitalization. Starting his career 7 years ago in the Berlin start-up scene, Jörn has contributed to the growth of companies in various roles and has underlined his practical experience with a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lund University, Sweden.
Firmly believing in the importance of people, Jörn works towards creating a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone to thrive in. At Netlight, he founded an international resource group for people from the LGBTQIA+ community called “Prism”. Furthermore, he is also collaborating with other DEI ambassadors in Hamburg’s tech scene to challenge the status quo across the industry.

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#careertalk #buildingcommunity

Where Product and DEI meet

The businesses and the products we all are working on have the potential to impact the lives of millions. It is essential to look at these millions of users not just as a number but to understand their intent, motivation, and challenges. We want the users not only to be seen but validated, uplifted, and thought of in the product design process. In this talk, I will share the basics of inclusive design, the methodology, and the tools we can and need to use to build impactful products. I will provide some examples and discuss the three main areas of product inclusivity: Belonging- Expanding what’s possible for everyone. Trust and safety- Ensuring our users’ psychological and physical safety during their journey. Crisis response- Supporting our users through critical moments. Hope you join and enjoy the conversation 🙂

Ghonche Tavoosi (she/them)

Senior Product Manager | Adevinta

Hi, I am Ghonche. I come from Tehran, a place full of life where people get in trouble for the most trivial things. I stand with LGBTQIA and my life outside of liberal hubs is what allows me to truly savour the accomplishments of our global struggle. I burn to figure out how stuff works by meticulously taking it apart and then teaching myself how to make it. Better. For work, I lead efforts of diverse teams to create and improve beautiful, highly functional products. I do this by maintaining an environment that encourages collaboration, one where people feel free to speak up, try stuff out and let ideas flow freely. I rely on iterative work processes, always driven by user feedback, and – in case it wasn’t entirely obvious – I really geek out on data. I guess my career had an early start, as I have somehow accrued 8+ years of experience working on products, but also on entrepreneurial projects in 2 companies I started myself. I am currently responsible for the leasing product of []( part of Adevinta.

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#techtalk #productmanagement

How planet-centric design helps drive innovation that matters?

Many of us are already familiar with the Human-Centric Design approach. It allows us to zoom-in on our customers, their problems, and needs to design the most desirable solutions. Today’s global issues urge us to simultaneously zoom-out on the societal and planetary challenges. We need to create solutions that do not only benefit a single customer but also create a positive impact on our society and environment.
This talk will focus on (1) what planet-centric design is, (2) the importance of thinking about innovation as a system and acting together rather than alone, (3) clear first steps on how anyone in a digital product environment could apply planet-centric design in their work.

Ieva Elena Ladigate (she/her)

Senior Design Strategist | Goodpatch

Ieva Elena Ladigaitė is an expert in digital product innovation. She helps teams to discover strategic problems and validate solutions that create value for customers, businesses, and our planet long-term. Tools she never leaves behind are the questions ‘Why’ and ‘How might we’, and a stack of yellow post-it notes. With her business expertise, design mindset, and unexpected energizers, she always aims to create an impact that matters to our society. Ieva is based in Berlin and works at Goodpatch, a digital product design firm headquartered in Tokyo.

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#techtalk #planetcentricdesign

Skateboarder or Queer - the importance of representation in the skatepark and the workplace

Growing up being a skateboarder and it being the center of my universe I never had any queer rolemodels within the scene and even more the scene was very toxic and queerphobic. When the moment came to out myself, I more and more divided myself from the scene. Nowadays there are queer and even trans professional Skateboarders, but inside a skatepark there is still a lot of toxicity. That taught me a lot about the importance of representation through all layers and in a company through all career steps.

Philipp Ebner (he/him)

Senior People & Culture Operations Specialist | Dept

Passionate HR professional with strong entrepreneurial and leadership experience. Integral in building effective talent organizations and maintaining employee satisfaction through implementation of strong perks and benefit programs. Managed Teams of up to 180 people with highest people satisfaction through strong focus on communication and problem solving. Experienced in Mentorship and strong interest in everything concerning DEI and sustainability. Global Pride Lead to organize educational and entertaining events for the company LGBTQIA+ community.

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#careertalk #representation

Before It's Game Over: Rethinking Gamification

When we talk about gamification, we often act as if there is an inherent magic and power to game mechanics that, when implemented, act as human cheat codes that allow us to motivate (or manipulate) people. But this understanding of gamification presents a great risk to both effective and ethical design. We’ll explore how gamification is really system design, how it relates to your purpose and value, and what you need to do to keep your design ethical.

Melinda Jacobs (she/her)

Founder | Perkio →

Melinda Jacobs is a gamification expert, tech entrepreneur and N7 paragon. She’s a geeky nerd who found a way to combine her love of games and her fascination with people’s behavior into an award-winning expertise. As the founder of the digital experience agency Subatomic, she’s helped companies and organizations develop interactive experiences that change behavior through play, games, and gamification for over 10 years. Her current role is as a founder and co-CEO of Perkio where she’s on a mission to improve the way we approach company culture & wellbeing in organizations. She routinely gives talks around the world on playful design, behavioral science, and technology ethics.

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The Essentials of Tech Due Diligence - what you need to know as a founder or CTO

Some of the most important milestones in the life cycle of a venture-funded startup are financing rounds and often also the successful exit.
These are accompanied by due diligence processes and here more and more often: a tech due diligence. Making a good impression here is the key to success. Often founders and CTOs do not know what to expect.

In this workshop, we want to share the essentials of our experience from several hundred TechDDs and show what a company can do to go into this process top prepared:
– Which aspects are crucial?
– What are dos and don’ts?
– When and how to address problematic issues?

Also, there will be space for Q&A!

Chris Philips (he/them)

Managing Director | Philipps & Byrne

Chris is the founder and Managing Partner of Philipps & Byrne, a tech advisory company based in Berlin specializing in Tech Due Diligence. He has worked as Interim CTO for over 10 years with many well-known companies. He has performed hundreds of Tech DDs worldwide. Chris is a regular conference and keynote speaker and has contributed to various books regarding Tech & Agile leadership. Chris also is an active business angel and board advisor and has supported various LGBTIQ initiatives.

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#techtalk #duedilligence 

Fundraising: How to please your (impact) investor?

You will get a quick intro on how (impact) VCs think and which information they need to see to be more inclined to invest in your startup. This is followed by a 15 minutes Q&A, to answer your individual questions to make the session as practical as it gets.

Karla Schönicke (she/her)

Venture Scout | Ananda Impact Ventures

With 10 years of experience working in the Berlin startup scene and the last 6 of them in Product (going from Junior to Head of), Karla has seen her fair share of startups and scale-ups from the inside – from 8 to 350 people, B2B and B2C, in FinTech, SaaS, E-Commerce, WealthTech and HRTech.
This year, she decided to switch from the tech industry to Venture Capital. Starting in February, when she co-initiated the first Female Business Angel Academy #FINacademy with the Female Investors Network (FIN) to get more women into startup investments. The second edition will start in October.
Then in June, she joined Ananda Impact Ventures as a Venture Scout leveraging her extensive professional network to find impact startups that fit the investment thesis. In addition, she’s served as a jury member or mentor in several accelerators, such as Venture Villa, Up2B and reaktor.Berlin.

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Digital Finance - why should a tech person consider working in Finance?

For tech people interested to evolve into business functions, or specialising into one of them, I recommend looking at finance.
A traditionally neglected backoffice function, finance has become a critical success factor in most ventures and is in heavy demand for efficient, digitally guided processes. Also, most finance employees are not very tech-savvy, so that a coordinating function brings much value to the company as a whole, smoothes processes between finance and tech and makes sure finance requests are met in a technically sensible way.
This coordinating function could be called “Finance Technology”.

Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg (she/her)

CFO/MD | everphone GmbH 

Dr Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Co-Managing Director at everphone. In this role, she is responsible for accounting, controlling, data, refinancing and legal for the phone-as-a-service provider. Veronika is a proven expert in digital finance and asset-based financing and has many years of experience in the field of fleet lending.
Before everphone, Veronika, who holds a doctor of law, was with the British online used cars dealer Cazoo. Here, as director of the legal and finance department, she was responsible for the company’s expansion into the European markets on a legal and financial level. She joined Cazoo as part of the acquisition of the car-as-a-service service Cluno, which she led as CFO and Managing Director.
Veronika studied law and economics in Augsburg. She also holds an MBA in General Management from the University of Dayton and a PhD in International Capital Markets Law from the University of Augsburg.

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#techtalk #digitalfinance

How to start an ethical and accessible tech project

In this talk I will share the main things to think about when starting your own tech project to ensure it is ethical and accessible from the get-go, based on my own experience of starting Yourequal UG, a social-impact business that empowers and supports underrepresented and marginalised employees to identify safe places to work.
From shaping your strategy to choosing your legal entity, partners, and tech stack, this talk will walk you through how we built Yourequal UG around ethical and accessible values and our takeaways, so that you can start your own tech project around the values that matter to you!

Lucie Le Naour (she/them)

Co-founder | Yourequal UG → 

With a background in linguistics and translation, Lucie entered the Berlin tech scene in 2014, first as a machine translation language specialist, quickly switching over to technical writing, and eventually content design. From working in small start-ups to big tech corporations such as eBay and GitHub, Lucie has seen it all and has a lot to say about working as a queer, female-presenting person in tech! As a co-founder at Yourequal since 2021, Lucie takes care of all things content, product management and community building.

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Trans in Tech: Tolerance is not enough

Nearly 10 years ago, I was grateful to my employer for supporting my gender transition – despite the challenges I had to work through. I was just happy that I wasn’t fired for being trans. We’ll look at what went well and what didn’t go so well to give attendees a sense of how they can be strong allies to their transgender coworkers, or how they might approach transitioning at work themselves. But “not getting fired” is definitely not good enough. We’ll look at the progress since then as transgender employees today seek a true sense of belonging at work, not just tolerance.

Michelle Hirsch (she/her)

Head of MATLAB Product Management | MathWorks → 

Dr. Michelle Hirsch is the head of MATLAB Product Management and MATLAB Product Marketing, responsible for driving the overall strategy and direction for the scientific computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide. Michelle is also an out transgender woman who strives to make it easier for LGBTQ+ people to bring their whole selves to work.

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#careertalk #transintech delivering #queerjoy online

In this interactive talk, freeQ co-founder Sarah Massey will share the freeQ #queerjoy story from the inspiration to create a new queer events platform during COVID to how the team got thousands of customers to buy events on their Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
freeQ offerings are landed in the queer cultural values of safety, inclusion, accessibility, reverence, and fun. Safety is paramount for a community that gets bullied, harassed, and censored on the top five social media sites. freeQ took from IRL safe spaces teachings and integrated that with privacy expertise to make a new type of online house or theater. Since founding, freeQ sold over 300 events that connect LGBTQ+ people around the world. Their monthly ritual is called the Queer Dance Naked Party.
How to imagine freeQ today? It’s like eventbrite and Zoom hooked up at the most outrageous Pride Party. Team freeQ’s future dream is to go where no one has gone before: #freeQ365, live, interactive, video events for the LGBTQ+ and sex-positive global communities.

Sarah Massey loves to engage her audiences, so be ready to actively participate in a Q+A type of talk. Here are some prompts to get you thinking:
Have you been to online events and what made them awesome?
What is most important to you when it comes to online privacy and security?
What would you include in your dream Queer Dance Naked Party?

Sarah Massey (she/her)

CEO / co-founder | freeQ

Sarah Massey, she / her, is a queer artist, activist, and a co-founder of freeQ, one of the first LGBTQ-owned tech startups. Sarah Massey’s career focuses on strategic communications and marketing. She is also an erotica author. Ask her for her pen name.
Founded in 2020 as a response to the COVID19 pandemic that shut down Prides, gay bars, and queer dance parties, freeQ intervened to bring LGBTQ+ and sex-positive events online. Over the last two years, freeQ has hosted 300 ticketed events. freeQ delivers #queerjoy on safer tech developed for queers, by queers.

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Queer Sex Toys: Innovations and Opportunities in SexTech

In the past, sex products and SexTech has been designed for genitals. The industry assumed that if they designed products for genitalia then sexuality and gender expression doesn’t matter. They missed the memos about gender dysmorphia, genital diversity, and other more nuanced outlooks on the human condition. In this talk, Lex will discuss where companies miss the mark and highlight some companies doing a good job.

Lex Gillon (she/them)

Founder | Modality Group

Lex Gillon (she/her) is the CEO and Founder of Modality Group, the market research firm making sex business more data driven. After graduating from Yale University, she started her research career in advertising as Strategic Planner at Ogilvy and Mather and has been conducting market research for 10 years. Lex splits her time between running her company and working in web3 as a project manager at Parity Technologies.

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Britta Cornelißen

Britta Cornelißen

Business Psychologist, Coach, Founder | COACHINGLAB745

Hey, I am Britta, business psychologist and coach. I support individuals, organizations and companies with the help of current scientific research to to work on topics such as personality development, self-efficacy and diversity and introduce them in daily life. I am super empathic, bursting of energy and I love empowering others. I am passionate for diversity, (female) empowerment and positive psychology.

Celebrate Your Strengths and Achievements

In my session “Celebrate Your Strengths and Achievements” you will receive quick input on why knowing your individual strengths and celebrating your achievements is a driver for success and happiness (not only) at the work place. Together, we will talk about each others strengths and celebrate our individual achievements.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and what makes you remarkable.


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