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Join us on September 21st at 7:00 PM for an evening of free drinks & food, talks, and networking with other LGBTIQ+ Tech talents at our event hosted by in Berlin.


    • The venue has limited capacity, so please make sure to book your free ticket. It helps us estimate how many people will join and prepare for the event. And if you can’t make it anymore be sure to cancel your ticket to give waitlisted people a chance to attend.
    • We encourage everyone to do an antigen test prior to the Get-Together. And if you feel sick, please stay home and take care ❤️




19:00 Registration, mingling, food & drinks

19:30 Welcome from Unicorns in Tech

19:40 Welcome from

19:45 Panel – Deciphering Product Roles: Product Manager vs. Product Owner

20:25 Break

20:35 Audience Pitching

20:45 Speed networking

21:10 Socialising with drinks

21:45 After event drinks (Bar TBA)

About the panel

Deciphering Product Roles: Product Manager vs. Product Owner

Join us for an interesting panel discussion to discover the future of Product Management roles. Let’s get closer to unraveling the eternal debate in how product management roles should function between business and tech, especially on the debate between product owner and product manager roles. What is the difference between them? Should we stick to one of the roles? Should we have both roles in the same company? Or is it all the same in the end given automation by ChatGPT :D? Whether you’re an aspiring product professional or a seasoned veteran, you will gain insights to multiple perspectives and walk away with clarity how to tackle practical issues at work.


Siu Lam Kevin Wong is a Product Coach working full-time in, helping product managers and teams in embracing product thinking. Prior to this he worked as a data analyst/scientist for 7 years, before he became a data product manager in various German companies such as Zalando and OLX. He is passionate about authentic leadership via improved interpersonal & intrapersonal communication skills, and outside work he is the organiser of a Berlin community that practices NonViolent Communication (NVC) and has offered paid trainings in partnership with HoustonNVC, an American non-profit.

Valentina Lisec started only 6 months ago as a Product Manager of M.Onboard, a service product in the area of HR. Besides the new role, she is working in the People Experience team as an event manager. Previously, she did office and community management. As a newbie in Product Management, she is trying to bring human focus back to HR.


Ioana Bob, Product Manager, Romania: Ioana Bob is a Product Manager at with a UX edge and human-centered approach in her work. Previously, she was working there as a Domain Expert / Product Strategist. She started her career in Business & Tech Consulting, where she discovered Agility, Product and Design Thinking. She is passionate about Design & Innovation, which led her to work and travel throughout Europe and Asia where she got incredible experiences.

Irakli Bochorishvili, Director of Product, ROQ Technology: Irakli Bochorishvili – I’m a tech enthusiast since ’08, started coding, fell in love with product management. Worked in gaming, telecom, e-commerce, and now, Director of Product at Berlin’s AI disruptor, ROQ.AI. 🚀

David Grigorjan, FullStack Engineer, From coffee-drinking consultant over agile application programmer on to tactical platform engineer David seeks to grow his holistic understanding by watching and reading a wide range of touching topics including visual perception ecology, duration-path-outcome cognition, situational game design, the demystification of strategic planning and tactical decision-making.


“We combine more than 60 years of wholesale experience with state of the art tech to help our customers thrive. With other words: We put food on the plate byte by byte! We are – we make METRO digital!”

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07:00 PM – 10:00 PM CEST


Komturstraße 18 12099 Berlin

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