Unicorns in Tech Get-Together

hosted by Deutsche Bahn


Unicorns in Tech Get-Together are back! Join us for an evening of drinks, food, talks, and networking with other LGBTIQ+ Tech talents.

About this event

Join us on November 17th at 7:00 PM for an evening of free drinks & food, talks, and networking with other LGBTIQ+ Tech talents at our event hosted by Deutsche Bahn in Berlin.


    • If you are planning to come, please make sure to book your free ticket. It helps us estimate how many people will join and prepare for the event.
    • How to get to the event space?
      • Our event space is located on the 7th floor of Haus 22
      • When you arrive at the main entrance in the Torgauer Straße and go though the gate, you will find the door directly behind the doorkeeper on the right side
      • Choose “DB co.lab” on the 7th floor, right from the ring bell
      • We will open you the door. You can then take the lift to the 7th floor and ring again right in front of the lift
      • Follow the arrows and you will find the event space on the back side of our offices. 



19:00 – Registration, mingling, food & drinks
19:30 – Welcome from Unicorns in Tech
19:40 – Welcome from Deutsche Bahn
19:45 – Presentation of Railbow, Deutsche Bahn LGBTIQ+ Network
19:50 – First Talk: “Working as a Data Scientist / Software Engineer @ DB Systel” by Daniel Ringler
20:15 – Break
20:30 – Audience Pitching
20:40 – Second talk: “Be Special, Be you: Why every mistake you ever made was probably the right one” by Darren Cooper
21:05 – Speed networking
21:20 – Socialising with drinks
21:45 – After event drinks (Bar TBA)

Talks details

“Working as a Data Scientist / Software Engineer @ DB Systel” by Daniel Ringler, Data Scientist at DB Systel

In this talk I will explain what working as Data Scientist / Software Engineer could mean. The talk will cover my background and way to DB Systel, and gives an overview of my daily work and the technologies that I use. In the end I will a short overview what career opportunities from DB Systel could be interesting for you.

About Daniel Ringler

Daniel studied Business Informatics and Data and Web Science in Mannheim before working as a Data Science Consultant for a few years. Now, he is a Data Scientist at DB Systel in Berlin and mainly works with Python.


“Be Special, Be you: Why every mistake you ever made was probably the right one” by Darren Cooper, Principle Consultant at DB Systel

Does the fear of making mistakes hold you back from following your passion?

We all make mistakes, companies make mistakes too! The important thing is to make the right mistakes. In a culture where mistakes are seen as disastrous, not courageous, I would like to reframe the mistake-making process slightly.

About Darren Cooper

Software developer by trade, Internet evangelist by heart, event organiser by hobby. I enjoy playing with technology and finding smart solutions to technical challenges. My passion is creating events to establish communities that investigate, promote and share ‘Internet Culture’.


About Deutsche Bahn

“Deutsche Bahn is an international provider of mobility and logistics services and active in over 130 countries. We design and operate the transport networks of the future. With the integrated operation of transport and infrastructure and the intelligent linking of all modes of transport, we move people and goods – on the rails and roads, by sea and by air.

With some 300,000 employees, of which roughly 200,000 are based in Germany, we are one of Germany’s largest and most diverse employers. Each year we seek to fill jobs in more than 500 different occupations with up to 8,000 enthusiastic new employees, who help us to connect people and markets. Together we want to change mobility. Do you want to be on board? Welcome!”

Learn more:

Information about Deutsche Bahn
Careers at Deutsche Bahn


About us

UNICORNS IN TECH is the tech community for LGBTIQ+ & straight allies, founded in 2014 in Berlin. We connect 4000+ techies from all backgrounds, whether they’re industry professionals or casual enthusiasts. On a monthly basis, we bring our community together around networking events, get-togethers and summit hosted by partnering companies.

Coming up next April is the Unicorns in Tech Hackathon – Stay tuned!

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07:00 PM – 10:00 PM CEST


EUREF Campus 
EUREF-Campus 22 7. Etage
10829 Berlin

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