Media Date: Smart Speaker – Media loves Tech loves Media

March 21st

What is the event? 

Together techies and media makers will discuss whether the hype about voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home and what potential is still dormant in this technology – especially for media companies.

After all, many media companies are already making their first experiences with language assistants, but are unaware of the opportunities that they will offer in the more recent future. What will smart speakers do? And how can these possibilities be exploited by the media industries? Questions like these are answered at the Media Date on March 21st.

When & Where is the event?

The Media Date will take place on March 21 in the Event Space of theMedienNetzwerk BayernMedia Lab Bayern and the Media Days Munich. As always, of course, with snacks, drinks, interesting contacts and good conversation. Admission will be at 18:60 and the event will begin at 19:00.

Who’s speaking?

Wolfram Tech, BCI Group

Silvia Bormüller, Unicorns In Tech

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