About us

The Unicorns in Tech is an international LGBT+ Tech Community and Network. Created in 2014 by UHLALA Group, we have been growing to become a large community of 3200+ proud unicorns. The Unicorns in Tech community is the ideal place for who feels at home in the tech world, works for a technology company, or is simply fascinated by the latest technological inventions or apps. Every month, we organize get-together events, hosted by proud companies and partners. Would you like to learn more about the community and become a partner? Contact us now!

What is a Unicorns in Tech Get-Together?

Unicorns in Tech Get-Togethers are a place where people meet, learn and network with the community and companies. It is ideal for everyone interested in tech & tech science, whether he/she/they is an industry professional or a casual enthusiast. Organised every month, the Unicorns in Tech Get-Togethers take place in Berlin, but also in München, Hamburg, Amsterdam and more! The entry is free for our members – become a member now and unleash your inner Unicorn!

“It is important for us to bring diversity in the IT field. The tech world is not necessarily as open as one could imagine, and bringing visibility to LGBT+ and to women for those positions is a step in the right direction.”

Stuart Cameron

Founder & CEO, UHLALA

Our Team

Some of you might wonder how a project like Unicorns in Tech exists and keeps on growing? We are working full-time to ensure that the Get-Togethers events happen monthly and that our community keeps on growing globally and expanding to other countries.

Stuart Cameron

UHLALA Founder & CEO


Bertrand Duteil

UNICORNS IN TECH Project Manager


Maria Mihail

UNICORNS IN TECH Project Assistant


The Unicorns in Tech is a project initiated by the UHLALA Group.

We are one of the leading LGBT+ Social Business in Germany.

Since 2009 we have been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBT+ people in their career and bringing them together with companies and organizations that take a stand for LGBT+ diversity. We pursue this goal with different projects.

Since 2013 we have also committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Our project PANDA supports talented women, brings them together and gives them a chance to develop and get in contact with companies.

With our many years of expertise, we support employers in the implementation of their LGBT+ Diversity Management through events, speeches and consulting services.


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