February 19th

Metro-Straße 10 – Düsseldorf

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On a monthly basis, we organize get-together events, hosted by proud companies. This month, we will be at METRONOM in Düsseldorf!


19:00 Registration, mingling, food & drinks 20:05 Audience Pitching
19:30 Welcome from Unicorns in Tech 20:15 Second talk “One night at a METRO depot – How to deliver food with microservices” by Silvia Schreier
19:40 Welcome from METRONOM 20:30 Selfie Time & Speed networking
19:45 First Talk “Migrating our micro services from Java to Kotlin – yet another awesome journey” by Björn Wendland 21:00 Socializing with drinks
20:00 Break 21:45 After event drinks (Bar to be announced)

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Migrating our micro services from Java to Kotlin – yet another awesome journey”

by Björn Wendland

This talk elaborates our awesome journey migrate all our micro services from Java to Kotlin.
We will take a closer look at the challenges we faced as a team and the impact on our day to day work in an agile environment and how we overcame technical hurdles integrating with Spring Boot and introducing async workflows using Kotlin coroutines.
Finally we discuss at the actual benefits that we gained by moving all our micro services to Kotlin and do a critical review of our journey and an outlook at things to come.

About Björn

I am a Full Stack Developer at METRONOM, Clean Code Evangelist, Dev Coach and part of the best vertical ever: Payments. We take part in setting the pace in technology by challenging your own solution, its architecture and its implementation every day.

One night at a METRO depot – How to deliver food with microservices

by Silvia Schreier

Have you ever thought about what happens after you submit an order in a webshop? No? You missed something, as the real fun and a lot of technical challenges are waiting from this point on.
As this is making the work at METRONOM quite special for me, I will share what is happening behind the scenes from a business perspective with you and how we are building and operating our large-scale microservice architecture to tackle these challenges every day all around the world.

About Silvia
As Product Owner at METRONOM, Silvia Schreier brings together business and IT in the exciting domain of Customer Order Fulfillment. With her strong background on web architecture, she seeks building and operating products with sustainable architectures which provide maximum benefit to the user.


At METRO, we are convinced that food is the basis for a healthy economy and a lively coexistence. Whether restaurant, café or catering company: they all enrich our lives.
At METRONOM – METRO’S spearhead and backbone on its journey into the future of food – we are setting the pace in food and technology.
Read more about METRONOM here.
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