Digital Pride Hackathon

by Unicorns in Tech

15.05.20 – 17.05.20

The Digital Pride Hackathon took place between May 15th and 17th 2020.
With more than 150 registration, our hackathon was the opportunity for teams to work together on several projects below before voting for their favorite: the Pride Polyphony.



Pride Polyphony

Audio Hugs for the LGBTQ community

“Pride Polyphony is a global library of voices and audio messages for LGBTQ individuals who are looking for support, solidarity, and community.”

The project gathers voices from anyone, anywhere, in any language, on any topic. It captures the collective spirit of Pride.

To make it, we built a proof of concept using a static site generator that displayed entries. We hosted the audio files using Podbean. And we sent A LOT OF MESSAGES to friends around the world!

Our biggest challenge was the lack of time! We also had time zone challenges, as we were reaching out to friends across the globe, communicating the project. And also the ugly code that one borrowed from.

We learnt lots of things: practical tech and design-related skills, and how to create a project from scratch.

We’re proud of building something cool and meaningful, that friends who’ve got involved have also found meaningful, together as a group of 3 people in less than 48 hours.

It’s been really nice to listen to people’s voices and what they chose to share with us.

  • Category: Empowerement – Arts & Creativity
  • Initial pitch: I’d love to create or rather crowdsource Pride messages and thoughts from the community. As joyful or political as people wish – I’m thinking a collection of lots of voices and thoughts from around the world, things people might shout at Pride, sing at Pride, explain to their friends when discussing Pride afterwards. Maybe they could be released as some kind of online episode, or special podcast edition, or something similar? I find audio really useful when missing in-person gatherings!
  • About us: Ghonche is a podcaster, activist, presentation slide wizard, who works full-time as a product manager on the side. Always up for D&D and poetry. 😉 Athena is a product enthusiast who is distracted by tasks outside the scope of work. She is indecisive about labels – the latest work-related one is B2B content strategist. Emma is a frequently sleep-deprived writer and editor who assists with several Uhlala Group projects, including Unicorns in Tech. 
  • Built with: Jekyll static site deployed on Netifly. Audio hosted on Podbean. Jotform for collecting entries

Add your message to our website! All you need to do is full in this form with a short voice message: or if you’d prefer, email and include:

  1. 🎤 Voice audio recording (any length, language)
  2.  ㊗️ Title (that you want on the card) – can be anything. Your first name. A message.
  3. 💬 1 sentence from your audio message OR the text transcription of your audio message (because it helps people copy and paste into google translate to understand it in their language). This also shows up when someone hovers over your card.
  4. 📸 1 Image for the card (can be anything…your favourite food, happy thought, IG story

Website –

Form here –

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Let’s get queerin’!

“Helping LGBTQIA+ folks navigate the world to live openly and authentically. “

Queerin’ is a mobile app that allows users to search, review and rate places specifically based on their LGBTQA+ safety.

While the project is still in pre-prototype stage, the realization will integrate the OpenStreetMap, its attribute system and the markers set by the Wheelmap Project to build an inclusive navigation system for LGBTQIA+ people, whether or not they are disabled or able-bodied.

  • Category: Empowerement
  • About us: A group of 6 diverse characters, who did not know each other, working on a cause dear to their hearts
  • Built with: Sketch

Website –


Speak up about sex

“Questioning people and making them answer to doubts, curiosities and opinions about sexuality anonymously, inside a protected environment – a virtual card game”

The purpose of this collective experience is to increase people’s openness when talking about sexuality.
Game after game, they’ll progressively can gain consciousness about their mind, their pleasure, their body, and how to give it to others.

  • Category: Empowerement – Education
  • About us: We are a couple of designers thriving to solve problems that affect the community.
  • Built with: Figma

We’re looking for a back-end developer in order to build the existing prototype, and also a marketing expert to help us set KPIs and analyze the market needs

We are Pride


“To visualize the global pride movement on an inclusive temporary platform where the LGBTQI+ community can voice and celebrate its values and identities.”

Our current mission entails:

  • Establishing an online community that knows no borders;
  • Offering a safe and inclusive platform for people to voice their values and identities;
  • Empowering members of the LGBTQI+ community by encouraging the participation in our movement;
  • Creating a sense of unity by visualizing individual values on a global scale;

To achieve this, our project focuses on two specific aspects:

  • A temporary platform offering a visualization of the diverse and global LGBTQI+ community’s voices (textual form). = Logo IMG
  • An online and potentially offline visual art exhibition displaying the gathered voices and the emoji maps. = Gallery IMG

Running for twelve months, We are Pride will launch in June 2020, with a general Pride messaging. Each month, the platform will be reset and its messaging will change, to gather a higher diversity of voices and monopolize the community around various aspects of pride. All content will be saved to be used for the exhibition.

The platform will allow the following:

  • Share a statement of 140 characters finishing with the hashtag #wearepride
  • Self-localise the statement on a map
  • Consult other statements in a random feed
  • Research other statements based on location
  • Research other statements based on language
  • Access a map visualisation of where the stories are posted and how many there are in an area = Map IMG
  • Like a statement
  • Repost a statement on social media

Each month, the theme will change but the hashtag #wearepride will be kept during all the project. The hashtag will ensure the continuity of the project over a certain amount of time even if all the content visible on the platform will be less than one month old.

All the codes should also be shared in open source to allow the #wearepride interface to be used by others for other projects.

  • Category: Empowerment – Media & Entertainment – Arts & Creativity
  • Initial pitch: We can create a data visualization and digital art installations using stories of the LGBT community. “I AM” asks each LGBT person in the world to define themselves—however they wish—through 140 characters. Their response is, with consent, tied to their approximate geographic area. The result is a global map of the LGBT community that raises our awareness and shows our numbers to the world. The resulting sentences could be projected at night—or through digital advertising with media partners—during pride month.
  • About us: We are a group with diverse super powers. We like to make beautiful things with a positive impact. We have come together with a shared passion to use our skills to create an enjoyable experience for our community to connect.
  • Built with: Ruby, Figma, TypeScript, Love
Either share your pride, spread the word, or become a sponsor. Our platform is free to use but not free to operate. Please contribute by spreading the word about our project or support us by becoming a sponsor. Thank you <3


The Community Platform to Boost Change

“The goal is to connect, inform and empower the important KOL’s, Influencers and Activists of the global Queer Community.”

Background: As queer activists we have a natural interest in being up-to-date with currrent issues and to network. Currently, information is often provided through social media or news outlets. The problem is that the information sovereignty lies with only a few media and algorithms of platforms like Facebook and Instagram filter topics very strongly.Our idea:We work on app where activists worldwide can network and present their topics/projects. The voting function makes relevant and urgent issues/projects more visible to everyone. This way, as an activist I always have the most important topics in my region and worldwide on my screen – brought to me by other activists. I can also contact those people & organisations who have posted a topic. In this way I receive first-hand information directly.

  • Category: Empowerment 
  • Built with:

    Passion and Love

Pride #UnDistanced

Tag your Pride

“Users geotag themselves in an interactive Pride map where thousands of people from around the world can ‘show up’ to Pride events.”

Prides in over 250 cities around the world have been canceled due to Coronavirus and the number is growing.

But even without the Healthcrisis, LGBT+ people have previously been prevented from holding Pride or were harassed while they are doing so due to stigmatization/discrimination.

Pride #UnDistanced is a tool for big and small Pride organizers that are not able to organize a physical demonstration.

LGBT* and allies will be able to support these Prides by geo-tagging themselves and visually ‘showing up’ to the event – sending solidarity and love. All tags will be customizable with a country flag or individual flag featuring also a rainbow flag on each tag as well as a personal message. A geographical map will display all tags.

After tagging, the users will automatically receive a share message that features the count of participants on the map.

  • Category: Empowerment – Media & Entertainment – Crisis response
  • Initial Pitch: All Out will call on their global audience to geotag themselves on a particular day in a location where LGBT+ people have previously been prevented from holding Pride or harassed while they are doing so. We’d love to visualize these actions, coming from social media or messaging apps, in an interactive, global Pride map where thousands of people from around the world ‘show up’ in places like Kampala or St Petersburg as a huge show of solidarity to those for whom Pride still remains elusive.
  • About us: Janina: Self-employed Content Marketing Manager and SEO Editor, Tim: Berlin-based Web Developer, Christoffer: Berlin-based UX and Brand Designer, Stana: Campaigns Manager at All Out (Pitch by
  • Built with: Tech stack: Nuxt.JS, Vuetify, Leaflet, OpenStreetMap
While the initial pitch was for showing solidarity at St Petersburg Pride, we are building this app so it can be used for other cities; We are making it Open Source, so pull requests are welcome; People can also use this app as a base for their own mapping project; We want to translate the app into as many languages as possible.

To Poland With Love

Partner Cities of Polish LGBT-Free Zones

“We will display the partner cities of Polish ‘LGBT-free Zones’ with the corresponding Polish city. “

Homophobia in Poland is on the rise with about a third of the country now declared an “LGBT-free zone.” The Atlas of Hate ( is an interactive map delineating these regions as part of the LGBT+ community’s efforts to fight the proliferation of bigotry. All Out has started a campaign asking partner cities of those Polish towns to convince their Polish twins to respect LGBT+ citizens.

We help improve the Atlas of Hate by adding international partner cities to a sister map. Manually we can then update that information and provide contact details to authorities in those cities in order to be able to ask them to support Polish LGBT+ people.

  • Category: Empowerment – Governance & Politics
  • Initial Pitch:
    Help improve the Atlas of Hate by adding international partner cities to the map and a way to contact authorities in those cities directly by email and ask them to support Polish LGBT+ people.
  • About us: A group of passionate individuals looking to bring transparency to LGBTQ+ concerns on a global scale.
  • Built with: Javascript, leaflet
From a technical standpoint, the map should display the highlighted regions that have already been identified as sympathizers with the LGBTQ+ community. Eventually, this overlaid map as described would also display the contact information for the corresponding partner cities so supporters and activists can generate an international response for LGBTQ+ support in Poland. And gaining more contacts from the government offices in the partner areas would help bolster support overall.

Website –



Pride through Protest

LGBTQ Stories from the 21st Century

“A Virtual Pride Month Blog that curates and amplifies the untold stories about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of LGBTQ experiences since the turn of the century to remind us of the importance of activism and rejuvenate the pride spirit. #whywepride “


  • ASK: If you are starting a story about someone else, make sure to ask permission before publishing a blog post that mentions them by name or include a photo of them.
  • SHARE: As LGBTQ people, we experience both triumph and tragedy, and stories about both need to be revealed to the public. In general:
    • The Good = successes in community organizing, corporate activism, or nonprofit impact.
    • The Bad = instances of exclusion, microagressions, and silencing
    • The Ugly = horrendous acts of hate, violence, or discrimination
  • Category: Empowerment
  • Initial Pitch:
    Curate and share the untold stories of LGBTQ Discrimination in the workplace that respects the dignity and accomplishments of all people involved. Let’s encourage business to forge a better path forward, and urge leaders to “walk the walk”.
  • About us: Team from US
  • Built with: react, graphql
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