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Who is a UNICORNS IN TECH Ambassador?

A UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador is a local organiser of UNICORNS IN TECH events in your city or region. They will be in direct contact with the UNICORNS IN TECH team and the team will assist the ambassador in organising local events. It is mostly a voluntary position, however, ambassadors can receive a certain small stipend from UNICORNS IN TECH network for their work (namely, 250-500 EUR for each successful hosting. It depends on the contribution of the hosts). There can be several ambassadors in the same city or region.

Are there requirements to become a UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador?
  • You should build close contacts with tech queers in your city or region, local LGBTIQ+-friendly media as well as with potential hosts (mostly IT companies) for our Get-Togethers.
  • You are not afraid to speak in front of a larger audience (we can help you with this).
  • And, of course, you must be eager to organise UNICORNS IN TECH events with our team in your city or region!
Can an organisation/business become an ambassador?


How to become a UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador in my city?

You can become an ambassador by simply filling in the form below. We will contact you within 2 weeks for a video interview to get to know you better.

Existing chapters

Join us on Slack and meet other members and ambassadors in your city.


The events in Munich are organized and moderated by André Eckert and Silvia Bormüller.

Join our Munich Facebook Group!


The events in Amsterdam are organized and moderated by Saiganesh Krishnamoorthy and Ruben Salcedo.


The events in London are organized and moderated by Shlomi Wagner.

Medellín, Colombia

The events in Medellín are organized and moderated by Andrés Sierra.

Please, note: If you reside in Berlin, you can not become an ambassador.

All Ambassadors are required to become a UiT member. Please fill in this form if you are not a member yet: Become a member.