Tuesday 10.09

<Machine Learning>

“If you are not ‘Paul the Octopus’, how would you predict the world cup results?”

by Mohamed Shahin, engineer at METRONOM

What will your dream house cost next year? What will be the result of your football team next match? What would the weather look like tomorrow? Do you want to go to an oracle for an answer or just use the basic concepts of machine learning? In this short introduction you will get to know these concepts by using the python library “pandas”.

Panel: “Demystifying Machine Learning  Talking about Facts and Myths”

by Dora Petrella, data scientist at METRONOM – Linchen Xiao, data scientist at METRONOM – Henning v. Kielpinski, technical account manager at Google Germany – Moderation by Nikita Baranov



Hosted by METRONOM

METRONOM is METRO’s tech unit, providing METRO’s customers and employees with solutions and latest technology. Every single day, they design, implement, test, continuously deploy and run digital solutions driving METRO’s business in 25 countries. Not only are they setting the pace in technology, they’re also food lovers and committed to bringing their products in the kitchen of METRO’s customers; basically making sure that you get the best food on your table.

Two months ago you thought METRO was just a supermarket or wholesaler. What are you going to think five years from now?

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