On March 8th, we had our very first Women’s Edition Get-TogetherComing together on International Women’s Day and seeing so many people gathering in support of women in tech was inspiring.  Unicorns in Tech wants to see this all year round.

But How?

We plan to have more Women Edition events. In the meantime, we are collaborating with women initiatives across the globe to support and celebrate women in tech.  If your company is interested in getting involved in our quest to support women, have a look at our

partnership page.


And why?

Read the figures below. The

Female entrepreneurs received just 2.5% of total venture capital funding in 2016

Women own only 5% of Startups

Companies with female CEO’s perform 3 times better than those male-led
Companies delivered 63% better return with females in senior leadership positions

Globally, women own just 1% of the world’s wealth


About 74% of young girls express interest in STEM fields and computer science but women account for only 1 in 15 people in STEM fields

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