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UNICORNS IN TECH is working closely with our partner companies to create a welcoming environment for all of our members to meet other tech-savvy Unicorns.

Together we organise events including our monthly Get-Togethers, hackathons and tech summits. The events are organised for you to hear the newest tech trends from interesting speakers and to meet and network with other Unicorns.

About KING

King is a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, with people all around the world playing one or more of their games.

They have developed more than 200 fun titles, and offer games that are enjoyed all around the world.

King’s franchises include Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch.

They have 314 million monthly active users as of second quarter 2017 across web, social and mobile platforms.

About Uhlala

Uhlala – Empowering LGBT+ people in working World.

Since 2009 Uhlala have been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBT+ people in their career and have been bringing them together with companies and organizations that take a stand for LGBT+ diversity. This goal is pursued through different projects.

Since 2013, Uhlala have also committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions. The project PANDA supports talented women, bringing them together and giving them a chance to develop and get in contact with companies.

About Panda

“Some Leaders are born Women. Get used to it!”

Our mission: 50/50!

Half of the population, half of the leadership roles for women. Sounds easy but is still quite a long way away.

What they do for it: PANDA promotes women – and brings them together. Ambitious, capable, charismatic women. Those with a lot of experience and those with great goals and even greater potential.

PANDA makes women visible. Offers them a great network, an exchange platform and impulses for their personal development. Brings them together with companies, jobs and opportunities.

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