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Who is UNICORNS IN TECH Ambassador?

UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador is a local organiser of UNICORNS IN TECH events in your city or region. She/he/they will be in a direct contact with UNICORNS IN TECH team and the team will assist the ambassador in organising local events. Ambassador is mostly a voluntary position, however, she/he/they can receive a certain small stipend from UNICORNS IN TECH network for her/his/their work (namely, 250-500 EUR for each successful hosting. It depends on the contribution of the hosts). There can be several ambassadors in the same city or region.

Why should I become UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador?
  • You will be a crucial person in building stronger and more visible queer tech network in your area. Through hard and persistent work of bringing queer tech people together, you will eventually make also the global network stronger. Be a hero, be a leader and shape global tech queer community with us!
  • You will definitely learn a lot. Strengthen your leadership and communication skills thanks to guidance and support of UNICORNS IN TECH team.
  • You will become a part of the “Council of Geekdom”: the inner circle of Unicorns in Tech, which will give you access to decision-making and resources at UNICORNS IN TECH. You will be the person, whom we trust the most and whose expertise will help us to shape a stronger network.
  • After the first successful Get-Together the ambassador will have a complimentary premium membership and a free access to all events of UNICORNS IN TECH, as well as to many tech events of our partners.
  • You may receive a stipend for travel costs to join Annual Global #UNIT | Connecting Unicorns: The Global Queer Tech & Science Conference in Berlin depending on budget availability and other circumstances. If we have scholarships for the #UNIT, we will reserve some funds for our dearest ambassadors.
  • You will be featured on our websites and social media as a proud ambassador (only if you agree to this)
Are there requirements to become UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador?
  • You should build a close contact with tech queers in your city or region, local LGBTI-friendly media as well as with potential hosts (mostly IT companies) for our Get-Togethers.
  • You are not afraid to speak in front of a larger audience (we will help you if it is a problem)
  • And, of course, you must be eager to organise UNICORNS IN TECH events with our team in your city or region!
What are responsibilities of UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador?
  • To be available online and to answer requests from UNICORNS IN TECH team and participants
  • To look for local hosts together with UNICORNS IN TECH team
  • To lead UNICORNS IN TECH event in your city or region
  • To outreach to queer communities interested in tech and science
  • To promote UNICORNS IN TECH Get-Togethers in social media and offline together with our team

Again, UNICORNS IN TECH team will be always there ready to help you.

Can organisations/businesses become an ambassador?


How to become a UNICORNS IN TECH ambassador in my city?

You can become an ambassador by simply filling in the form below. We will contact you within 2 weeks for a video interview to get to know you better.

Please, note: If you reside in Berlin, you can not become an ambassador.

All Ambassadors are required to become an UiT member. Please, fill in this form, if you are not our member yet: Become a member

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